The Science and Technology Wing (STWing, /stwɪŋ/) is a collection of several hundred students, professors, and alumni at the University of Pennsylvania. We share a strong interest in the science and technology which permeates our everyday lives, not to mention a sense of humor.

STWing has proudly called King’s Court its home for over 25 years, making us the oldest residential program on Penn’s campus. During this time, we have developed an interesting history, such as being among the first to claim and develop its own website and services, even before many of the school’s departments! Each year, we also host public events such as a Rube Goldberg competition and the STWing Robotics Fair. To cap off each generation of STWing, we host a private banquet at the end of the academic year. Members have access to many resources, including our computing services, the specially-equipped (read: lots of games) STWing lounge, and the Blimp Room, a workspace on the ground floor of King’s Court managed by STWing.

STWing is governed by its members through the Continuum, our elected council, and the Bylaws, our constitution. This council helps to organize STWing’s activities and events, and communicates with the university to turn our plans into reality. Elections occur at the beginning of the fall and spring semesters for different roles, and carry for 13 months to help the next generation transition.

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