Affiliated Faculty

Krimo Bokreta

Krimo is photoshopped! We promise his head isn’t normally that big, though that would be hilarious.

Our fearless King and leader (and House Dean), Krimo Bokreta!! He’s a fan favorite, and we love him very much. Some fun facts about him: he’s from Algeria, he loves birds, and he knows quite a bit about rocks (it’s his job).


Jorge Santiago-Aviles

KCECH beloved House Fellow and STWing alumnus, Jorge Santiago-Aviles!

Oh, we love a good Jorge, and his lovely wife Marta! He has some great stories about the early STWing days, and an even better smile. 🙂


Victor Preciado

We don’t know why he’s not smiling here, but we’re happy to have him regardless! He’s a real treat.

This Spanish genius is a great friend to STWing! He has reached out to us by hosting study breaks in his apartment (along with his beautiful and talented wife Farrah and their absolutely regal cats Tango and Sasha) and fun VR Game Nights in 1938 lounge! You can see more of him in ESE 305 teaching about data science, as well as a few other classes!

His main research interests lie at the intersection of Networks, Dynamics, and Data Sciences; in particular, in using innovative mathematical and computational approaches to model and control complex, high-dimensional dynamical systems. Relevant applications of this line of research can be found in the context of socio-technical networks, healthcare operations, critical technological infrastructure, and brain dynamics.