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STWing Banquet (4/26)

Thanks to all the people who have signed up for this year’s STWing Banquet! Get hype for a night of hanging out with your friends, dancing, and a crazy sock contest (concurrent with dancing), all inside Philadelphia’s historic Mütter Museum. Formal attire requested. Seniors: be sure to think about what you want to say in advance, as each person will only have about a minute to speak.

Student Research Colloquium (4/14)

This spring’s SRC took place on Saturday, April 14, featuring the following presentations:

Kyle Kersey: Introduction to Rare Earth Separations and Actinide Coordination Chemistry

Tyler Durkin: Mechanics and Features of Stable Glasses

Demi Moed: The Death Flag: How to Tell if Your New Favorite Character is Going to Die, a Beginners Guide

Gianluca Gross: Adventures in Phylogenetic tree Reconciliation

Micah Getz: On Pedagogy

Karaoke Night (3/30)

Last friday, STWing made their annual karaoke trip, and boy, was it delicious from start to finish. After leaving an H-Mart feast, the night saw hit performances such as “Sex Appeal” by Mohamed Barmada, “Zombie” by Micah Getz and Erin Brown, and the 100%-awarded “Thrift Shop” by Beau Kayim and Jesse Lambert.