Upcoming Events

STWing Info Session (04/17/20, 7:30pm EST)

STWing will be holding a zoom meeting on Friday, 4/17/2020 at 7:30pm EST to hold an info/Q&A session. The link to join the meeting is

STWoom Talk: A History of the DC Universe (04/18/20, 9pm EST)

Previous Events

Intro to Machine Learning Lecture (Saturdays [HIATUS], 12:30 pm)

Our beloved RA Eric Quesada will be giving an Introduction to Machine Learning Lecture at 12:30 pm in the Blimp Room. Don’t be discouraged if you’re not yet an expert at coding, the talk will focus mostly on math and intuition, with coding follow-ups to be discussed at a later date. Feel free to bring lunch! Remember to RSVP with Eric first.

LED Wall Team Meeting (Saturdays [HIATUS], 9 pm)

Come (back) to the Blimp Room at 9 pm if you’re interested in this really cool project! Talk to Eric Quesada for more information, and hope to see you there!

VR Game Night! (Saturdays [HIATUS], 7 pm)

One of our faculty fellows, Victor Preciado of ESE, wants to have STWingers over at his apartment to play fun VR games! He would like this to be a reoccurring event on Saturdays and 7 pm, so please come! There will be snacks, cats, and you can watch other players through their display (including a possible green surprise… but you didn’t hear it from me!). Hope to see you there!! 

Dinner Discussions

Be sure to look out for the upcoming dinner discussions, hosted by Penn professors talking about some really interesting topics!  Engaging Q&A? Opportunity to connect with amazing professors? Free dinner? Pretty unbeatable.

MCU Movie Series (Fridays, 9 pm)

Come out and watch all of the Marvel Universe movies, hosted by our lovely RA Caroline Lachanski! Think of it as studying for the upcoming Avengers and Captain Marvel movies. You’re a Penn student, you should probably study. Let Caroline know if you have any snack requests!

Blimp Room Project Hours/Subcommittee Meeting (10am, Saturdays)

Work with our perfeite Professor Oak/Public Spaces Manager, Rafael Gehrke, for a STWing project, or on your own to experiment on a solo project! If you have any interest, please fill out this form ASAP!

“What is STWing?” Discussion (03/16/2019, 5p)

It’s obvious that STWing will be going through some pretty drastic changes next year with the creation of SPrInG and the lack of on-floor upperclassmen. However, we remain optimistic, because STWing is the best residential program in the world! Please come out to discuss any ideas you have to keep STWing as strong as ever, any concerns you have about how the structure of STWing is changing, and/or the things you love most about KC2. Hope to see you there!

March GBM (03/18/2019, 09:30 pm)

Come out to the Class of 1938 Lounge to vote on by-law revisions (so be sure to go over these before-hand!), as well as updates from all the Continuum members. So, if you haven’t joined a subcommittee yet, no fear! You’ll have another opportunity at this meeting, so come with an open mind!

Kushol Gupta Dinner Discussion (03/19,  6 pm, PDR)

Join us for a discussion with Dr. “Koosh” Gupta, STWing’s first Parliamentarian! Talk with him over dinner about the early days of STWing, his research in Biochemistry and Biophysics, and his involvement with Penn Band! Thanks, Richard!

Quaker Days (04/08, 04/10, 04/17)

Keep this in mind!! We love babies and we want to induct them mwahaha.

Robotics Fair! (04/20/2019 ;))

Do we have any high schools signed on yet? No. Do we have any Professors/grad students coming to talk to us yet? No. Do we have a amazing global events manager???? DOUBLE YES. Get excited!!!

February GBM (02/20/2019)

Here, we had an impassioned discussion on the future of the by-laws and the program as a whole, and heard some updates about the STWing Banquet, Student Research Colloquium, and more! For the next meeting, be prepared to vote on the by-law propositions!

January GBM (01/30/2019)

This was the big one! At the first GBM of the semester, elections were held to form the brand new STWing board, known as Continuum! Congratulations to:

  • Parliamentarian: Elijah Fullerton, now known as Picard
  • Local Press Representative: Erin Brown, now known as Katara
  • Global Press Representative: Richard Chen, now known as Moriarty
  • Local Events Chair: Anusha Sriram, now known as Zelda
  • Global Events Chair: Kaiser Halmurat, now known as Gandalf
  • Public Spaces Manager: Rafael Gehrke, known as Professor Oak
  • System Administrator: Makarios Chung, known as GLaDos

Want to know more about what these roles do? Take a look at our by-laws!

2019-2020 Housing Meeting (01/28/2019)

Thank you to everyone who came out and made some very difficult decisions. STWingers gathered to choose whether to stay on-floor in KCECH, move to the STWing-related community Program SPrInG, hosted next year at NCH, or to choose another housing option. Hopefully, distance will only make the heart grow even fonder as we disperse next year!

STWecret STWanta  (12/7/2018)

An event full of holiday cheer, presents, and lots and lots of fun!

STWing’s Rude “Definitely not Silverberg” Competition (11/17/2018)

This year, the competition consisted of smaller, 2-ish-hour challenges, with teams of 3-5 people competing.

F1/10 Autonomous Vehicle Demo (11/7/2018)

STWing helped run the F1/10 autonomous racing car demonstration at NCH. Participants learned about the programming and research behind autonomous racing vehicles and watched a demo of the tech.

STWalloween (10/28/2018)

Thanks to Miranda, our lovely Zelda/Local Events Chair, and her subcommittee, STWalloween was a beautiful success! Tickets were pay what you can, and the resulted in a spooky fun time in the Kings Court game room!

Party Game Night (10/06/2018)

Thank you, Miranda (Zelda), for providing some in-house fun over Fall Break! There were virtual and tabletop games, music, great snacks, and, of course, even better company.

STWelcome! (09/22/2018)

STWing’s own beloved Jorge Santiago, Krimo Bokreta, and Max Mintz came to welcome the new freshman of STWing, and inform them of all the amazing things STWing has done in the past and all the great things we’ve yet to do. After this, there was a panel of STWingers who answered questions about STWing, college, and life in both. Also, Continuum subcommittees were announced and new students were able to join!

STWing’s Murder Mystery (09/15/2018)

Thank you Tyler Durkin a.k.a. Gandalf a.k.a. Global Events Chair for a very fun and dramatic Murder Mystery event! There was plotting, motive, lots of people in fancy dress, Bryan Denq drank approximately 10 bottles of water– talk about non-stop thrills!!