STWing is “governed” by the Continuum, a group of volunteer board members that keep our program rolling along. At the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, various roles must go up for election by active members of STWing. There are:

 Parliamentarian, the head of the board.  Tyler Durkin
 Cronos, the STWing historian.  Liam Dugan
 Radar, the STWing publiciser.  Yueqi Ren
 Beekers, the Blimp Room managers.  Kyle Kersey & Hanming Zu
 Bacchus, social event planner.  Candace Jasper
 Neelix, the STWing alumni liaison.  Rachel Coler
 Samwise, the on-floor freshman liaison.  Joseph Jordan
 Frodo, the off-floor freshman liaison  Samuel Kesler
 Wall-E, the robotics fair manager  Sadat Shaik
 Ada, the STWing-WiCS liaison  Audrey Liu
Gandalf, the upperclassmen liaison  Devin Caplow-Munro

In addition, we have our residential staff:

  • Residential Adviser, Sriram Sridharan
  • Residential Adviser, Eric Quesada
  • Graduate Adviser, Priya Palanichamy Kala

If you would like to contact STWing, please send an email to!