STWing is “governed” by the Continuum, a group of volunteer board members that┬ákeep our program rolling along. At the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, various roles must go up for election by active members of STWing. There are:

Parliamentarian, the head of the board. Tyler Durkin
Cronos, the STWing historian. Liam Dugan
Radar, the STWing publiciser. Yueqi Ren
Beekers, the Blimp Room managers. Kyle Kersey & Hanming Zu
Bacchus, social event planner. Candace Jasper
Neelix, the STWing alumni liaison. Rachel Coler
Samwise, the on-floor freshman liaison. Samuel Kesler
Wall-E, the robotics fair manager Sadat Shaik
Ada, the STWing-WiCS liaison Audrey Liu
Gandalf, the upperclassmen liaison Devin Caplow-Munro

In addition, we have our residential staff:

  • Residential Adviser, Carly Catella
  • Residential Adviser, Eric Quesada
  • Graduate Adviser, Sriram Sridharan

If you would like to contact STWing, please send an email to!