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Computer Links

Schedule Maker

STWing's own Will Lovas (Will White) created Schedule Maker v0.1 for those dang-blasted classes that you have to take this semester. Bless his dear, kind heart.

A software repository which also keeps track of the most recent versions of newly written and updated freeware, shareware, and open source applications for UNIX.

The Linux Kernel Archives

The official distribution site for the Linux kernel source, as well as several other pieces of free software, not necessarily Linux specific.

A well defined Linux portal, with widely ranging links, whether your interest lies in software, games, multimedia, hardware, or just about anything else involving Linux.

O'Reilly & Associates

The leading publisher of books for UNIX, X, the Internet, along with other open systems. If you're looking for a book that concerns almost any subject concerning computers (whether HTML, Perl, UNIX, or even PalmPilots), we highly recommend their books.

A homepage focusing upon security information, noting things such as security advisories, vulnerabilities, and solutions available on the Internet. Of key note is the Bugtraq mailing list.


A page covering various scientific and technological news. In their own words: "News for Nerds. Stuff that matters."

User Friendly

An interesting comic strip covering the antics of an Internet Service Provider. In their own words: "Q: What do you get when you put three techs, two salespeople, a designer, two executives and a couple of administrative staff together in an office?"

The homesite of the organization dedicated to maintaining the X Window System code base. provides official X Window System updates to the public.

Humorous Links

The Onion

Truly America's finest news source, The Onion features articles on issues that affect our lives, with, twist?

University Links

The University of Pennsylvania.

The university in which the Science and Technology Wing exists.

King's Court/English House

The dormitory housing the first-year students of the Science and Technology Wing on the second floor of King's Court, in addition to some of the upperclassmen on the fifth floor of English House.

Penn InTouch

The online student information page, allowing students to register for courses, check their transcript, alter addresses, among other essential activities.

Office of the Registrar

The source of basic course information, keeping track of available courses, course rooms, final exam times and locations, and similar basic information.

Penn Almanac

The University of Pennsylvania's big journal, you can also find an academic calendar here.