The STWing-SEAS Blimp Project
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The Setting

Overlooking the neighborhood, with the campus to the left and 
Schenley Park in the center.
An overview of the flying area, with Carnegie Mellon's campus to the left, and our flying area at Schenley Park in the middle.

The blimp, fully inflated, on its stand in Schenley Park.
In the morning sun, the blimp is ready to fly.



The blimp pitching upward and turning to starboard, before the Cathedral of Learning.
The blimp climbs and rolls against the backdrop of Pittsburgh's Cathedral of Learning.

The blimp pitching upward and turning to starboard.
The blimp climbing and turning above the local skyline.

The blimp high in the sky above Schenley Park.
The blimp soars at high altitude over Schenley Park.


The blimp flying level over campus, with Vito piloting, the Cathedral 
of Learning to the left.
Vito takes control of the blimp and sends it soaring over the campus.

The blimp flying high and level, the Cathedral of Learning in the 
Vito brings the blimp back around past the Cathedral of Learning.