The STWing-SEAS Blimp Project
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First Test

Pictures from the first inflation of the blimp, in Hollenback Annex.

Flights in King's Court

First Flight

The first flight of the blimp, on April 7, 2001. The blimp was launched under tether, in the King's Court courtyard.

Second Flight

The second flight of the blimp, also in the King's Court courtyard, on April 13, 2001.

Third Flight

The third flight of the blimp, tested at Hollenback Annex and the field outside, on April 23, 2001.

Flight Tests in Pittsburgh

The blimp undergoing outdoor flight and electronics testing, at Carnegie Mellon.

Field Testing For Chicago

First Field Test

The blimp flies over a snow-covered Franklin Field on February 9, 2002, as the picked team for Chicago trains.

Selected Photos

Blimp lifting 
off, under tether, in courtyard.

The blimp lifts off for the first time.

Blimp team posing 
beneath the blimp.

The blimp team poses for a picture after the first flight.

Blimp over the treeline in 
Schenley Park.

Suddenly, a blimp appeared on the horizon.