The STWing-SEAS Blimp Project
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Organizers J. Spencer King, Executive Director
Vito Sabella, Technical Director
Fu-Zu Jen, Business Director
Scott Currie, Computing Director
Chris Hoess, Chief Field Engineer

Faculty Dr. Jorge Santiago-Aviles, Electrical Engineering
Dr. James P. Ostrowski, Mechanical Engineering and Computer And Information Sciences
Dr. Krimo Bokreta, Earth Sciences, King's Court/English College House Dean
Dr. Insup Lee, Computer Information Science, Director: Systems Design Research Lab
Dr. George Kantor, Postdoctoral Fellow, Robotics Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

Members Paul Borochin Lauren Bylsma
Sean Cusack Reid Frasier Fred Heger
Christopher Hoess Fu-zu Jen Rick Jones
Magda Jonikas Douglas Kaminsky J. Spencer King
Dan Levin Will Lovas Bobby Mannepalli
Michael Mehle Wendelin Michel Marc Millstone
Cyrus Najmabadi Carl Pfendner Vito Sabella
Paul Vernaza Enzong Yap