The STWing-SEAS Blimp Project
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Pictures from Second Flight

First Launch

The blimp standing in the courtyard, with the crew around it.
Crew members and photographers cluster around the blimp, as the starter is carried towards it.

The blimp flying on tether, as viewed from below, pitching up sharply.
The blimp strains against its tether as its engines push it up and forward.

The blimp on its stand in the courtyard, with the starter crew approaching.
The starter crew goes to restart the engines, while the pilot stands waiting at the controls.

Second Launch

The blimp sitting in the courtyard, with the crew working around it.
Dan Levin stands by on the controls, as the blimp is readied for takeoff and Spencer King directs the tether crew.

The blimp from above, as the crew readies for takeoff.
The crew moves to their assigned positions as the blimp is about to start up and take off.

The blimp from above, veering to starboard, aft tether taut.
The blimp lifts off and veers to starboard, as Vito Sabella and Spencer signal to the tether crew.

The blimp back on its stand in the courtyard.
The blimp returns to the ground again, and the crew gathers to inspect it.

Later Inspection

Mike Bruni lifting the blimp. Mike Bruni, with the blimp on his mind.
Two pictures of Mike Bruni blimp-lifting.

Vito and Chris inspecting a blimp engine, the gondola on the ground.
Vito Sabella and Chris Hoess looking at one of the blimp engines.

The blimp on the ground, Vito and Spencer beneath it working on engines.
Vito and Spencer are beneath the blimp examining the fuel lines and engines.

Vito lifting the blimp, with crew members watching.
Vito lifts up the blimp as crew members stand around.

The blimp sitting in the courtyard, with the crew working around it.
Vito holds the blimp as he, Mike, and Spencer ponder.

Mike Bruni kneeling beneath the trussed-down blimp.
Mike is overcome by the spectacle of the blimp.