The STWing-SEAS Blimp Project
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The partly inflated blimp 
hovers like a giant white slug.
The blimp hangs sullenly in the air as the envelope fills with helium.

Lauren Bylsma rolls away a 
helium tank as Chris Hoess checks the regulator on another and Fu-zu Jen 
Lauren Bylsma rolls away an empty helium tank as Chris Hoess checks the regulator on a new one and Fu-zu Jen watches the proceedings.

Cable, tools, and other equipment 
lie at the edge of the snow, waiting to be used.
Unloaded equipment sits by the edge of the field.

Wendelin Michel holds 
on tight to the gondola during the engine test.
Wendelin Michel holds tightly to the gondola as the engines roar to life in a preflight test.

The blimp crew 
gathers around the helium tank.
Fu-zu, Vito Sabella, Dan Levin, and Chris gather around the helium tank, ready to launch.


The tethered blimp from 
beneath, moving forward and up.
The blimp comes to life, its engines pushing it up and forward.

The blimp, held 
tightly by its tethers, silhouetted against cirrocumulus 
The blimp looms ominously against the winter sky.

The blimp pitches sharply 
upward, with the top of the Penn Tower hotel in the 
The blimp pitches upward and strains against its tethers.

Handlers playing out 
line to the tethers, as the rest of the crew follows and 
The crew goes bounding through the snow to keep up with the blimp.

The underside of the 
moving blimp, showing engines and gondola.
The blimp roars overhead in a blast of propwash.

The gondola and fore 
part of the blimp, with tether evident.
The tether strains as the blimp lifts itself into the sky.

The blimp pushes 
upwards against its tethers, against the backdrop of Franklin 
Field stands.
Engines roaring, the blimp lifts itself, tugging at its tethers.

Handlers walk the 
blimp sideways back to the launch stand.
Brendon Kiely, Wendelin, Vito, and Fred Heger walk the blimp back to its launching stand.