The STWing-SEAS Blimp Project
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Third Flight

The blimp flying high, under tether.
The blimp soars on its tethers at the field outside Hollenback Annex.

Crew members standing around the blimp, on its stand.
The crew prepares the blimp for another flight.

The blimp flying high, under tether.
The blimp sails forward, straining at its aft tether.

The blimp flying under tether, a plane approaching the airport visible in background.
The blimp competes with a plane for airspace.

The crew around the blimp, on its stand, ready to start engines.
The crew prepares to start the blimp...

The blimp taking off, with tether crew running to keep forward tether taut.
and it slowly gains altitude, pursued by its handlers.

The blimp flying high, under tether.
The blimp in flight again.

Outside the Hollenback Annex, the blimp parallel to (and close to!) the fence.
The tether crew pulls hard to keep the blimp away from the fence.

The blimp turned around, with the tether crew again moving to keep up.
Brought about, the crew again scrambles to keep up.

The blimp flying high over the Hollenback Annex, on tether.
Settled now, the blimp pulls up to high altitude.

The blimp flying lower, engines pointed down.
The blimp comes in for a gentle landing.