Continuum Minutes

Ever wondered what goes on in a Continuum meeting, but couldn’t actually go to one yourself? Read notes on the meetings here!



Spaces – Start organizing blimp room on Saturday (if senior projects are cleaned up). Ordering blimp room supplies – First round of blimp room supplies purchased! More to be ordered soon.

Gobal Press – alumni newsletter getting done, goal is to have it done by end of April. Posters being made for SRC. Planning on dinner discussion (Prof. Ghrist) going on; poster being made for this as well.

Global events – 3 signups for SRC so far, Rube Goldberg on 4-21/22 (weekend before reading days). Home Depot trip!!! Also will have food for RG.

General Notes

Need to start Marta’s irrigation project, starting next Saturday; Kyle is working on this.

Blue paint for the arcade machine.

Emailing ESAC.

What are we doing with Penn Science: have events in collaboration with them, have them come to GBMs (maybe), need people on STWing who can contribute to the publication.

Logos: Shield = ends of emails, website icon, stuff like that, Swoopy logo = document headers, maybe t-shirts, things with our name. 



Micah – shelves for the blimp room projects, put subcommittee meeting times in slack

Tyler – Wu and Chen from 12-3 for SRC, signups hopefuly released later today, presentation workshop/seminar for presenters/possible presenters, meeting with Krimo about running Rube Goldberg in the spring.

Annie – include real SRC times/info in newsletter, get info for next newsletter.

Raf – Process for buying stuff for the blimp room: form to request to buy stuff, vote in Continuum on whether people can buy the stuff they want, approve purchases and order things at Continuum meetings. Also make sure that senior projects get cleaned up when seniors are done working on them so that the Blimp room is usable by everyone.

Meeting with CoRE

Their events – big alumni network, so lots of events tailored to alumni reunion events ex. Corelore thanksgiving dinner specifically targeted at alums. Also a good networking opportunity for undergrads. One alumni event in fall, one in spring. Escape the room, intro coding classes for residential community, video/board game events, Core hackathon.

Alumni have a FB page where events get posted, have a discord group chat for playing video games, and lots of recent alumni keep in touch.

Groupchat for board members/groupchat for all the people in both groups (Groupme). Maybe a facetime with everyone, but complicated to prganize so probably not.



Local Events – STWing Banquet! Crazy sock contest at the STWing banquet is back! Don’t come in your socks, but change into them for dancing. High senior turnout expected!!! Seniors should think about what they want to say in advance, as each person will only have about a minute to speak. Forms needed – slideshow contributions and song requests.

Spaces – Workshop day: project signups during/after workshop; penncard access for project members given here! Organizing lower room.

Local Press – Quaker Days event, STWing goes to restaurant week (?).

Global Press – 2 diner discussions in April – 10/11: BE professor (get name), 24/25: Prof. G

SRC – April 8; posters, google form, more info forthcoming. Make sure communications make the event seem accessible to everyone!

Global Events – Rube Goldberg competition – March 31 (or end of April). Smaller event/easier challenge to shrink the time commitment for people (2h instead of 4h) or different events that people can come for one event instead of having to go for the whole thing.

Micah’s group – STWing films ex. Assassin documentary

STWing mural – each freshman class paints a mural at the end of the year; then it’s hung in the blump room //or// design an overarching picture over smaller canvasses and have freshman each paint a portion in their own style and put it all back together.

Who should design the overarching image? Freshman? Senior? Both? Want to promote interaction between upper and underclassmen. (send out an interest form, get money from the house/RAGAs)

Big goals/General:

Nice website! Quaker Days event! NSO event!

Donations – depending on which kind of account we are, we can get donations.

Talk to Housing about getting our housing form changed to have STWing’s real application questions instead of the generic one.