Continuum Minutes

Ever wondered what goes on in a Continuum meeting, but can’t actually make it to one yourself? Read the notes on the meetings here!


Miranda/Kevin – STWalloween decorations purchased. Ticket sales going well, have made $30 (10-15 tickets), spent a lot on decorations.

Raf – Project hours happened today, Richard and Kaiser came and worked on parachute stuff. Started assembling the drone. Posting posters about project hours and announcing to GBM. Materials have been bought, some have arrived, others will arrive this week.

Annie – newsletter sent out, posters are up, updating website.

Maki – Jorge’s electric car event? Wants us to record it, could check out AV equipment from CETS. Dinner discussion with no food and autonomous cars. Could make a bank of raspberry pis from the materials from the car thing last year. Minecraft server is up!!! There is a STWing google calendar that sends out updates, we should use it (link in discord).

*Krimo enters*

Krimo – for the electric car thing, it’s mainly Jorge’s thing even though it’s in connection with NCH. If make a flyer, can run it as an add in the DP. (Jessica is making the flyer). Maybe get someone at the DP to write an article about this event.

Need list of wood messed up by flooding; can get money for new wood from Risk Management.

Aditya – talking to DP about advertising for the electric car event. Also get NCH to email their ppl (send blurb to Jessica to send out to KCECH, and to the NCH people to send out there). Still trying to work out food for the dinner discussion on wednesday, Jessica is ordering food.

RAGAs – Caroline is still working on the t-shirt draft. Want to run a paint night in Nov. Birthday study break after Thanksgiving break, want to do catered Thanksgiving dinner for STWingers before Thanksgiving. STWing goes outside changed to sledding when it snows enough.

Tyler – Want to do Rube Goldberg competition in mid Nov (17th?). Want to do smaller challenges this year. (Krimo -)Rube Goldberg machine exhibit at the Jewish Museum rn, maybe do field trip. Go to buy materials once challenged figured out. Shopping trip = 10th or 11th of Nov.

Micah – Getting shelves for the wood.

Applying to SAC for funding (can get on their website). Need to stress that we’re not just a residential program. Stress the non-residential part of it. Potentially fulfill SAC requirements with Aditya’s subcommittee.

Residential Program Application – Need to make different, ex. More project oriented, or need to change how main STWing is defined? Could say that currently STWing is freshman-oriented, so could market it as an upperclassmen version. Also consider that sophomores will be required to live on campus later. This will be hashed out more in Micah’s subcommittee. (Let Krimo know what we do with this).


Aditya – Had subcommittee meeting today, talking about diner discussions. This Wed. at 7:15 w/ prof. Stegall. Next week, Wed. 6:30pm prof Pikul. Also want to invite Mark Yim.

Annie – Had subcommittee meeting, sending out newsletter some point this week. Stwootering – stwing tutoring.

RAGAs – Get Krimo silhouette for the t-shirts within 3 days, so can have t-shirt design ready by next week. STWing goes outside in spring or go sledding when it snows.

Maki – Organize Artemis game.

Miranda – Sold 11 tickets for STWalloween. (Should sell more). Re-send email, edit to include who to buy tickets from. 2 weeks left. Should make a poster for this! Need a ticket to go (*wink*). Working on decorations, going to center city to pick stuff up (dollar store). Also East Meets STWest. Have list of potential banquet locations, looking up more. Choosing this Tuesday.

Raf – No committee meeting this week because ordering stuff from housing. Waiting for material to start office hours, hopefully materials arrive this week and then have project hours saturday. HAve ordered stuff for building shelves.

Micah – STWing census so that people can learn about previous STWingers. Ask about this at the GBM. Will this be a directory on the website? Make a database on the website so that it’s searchable. Have people write their own bios OR have name, year, major (types for the pokedex) OROR have auto generated bios. Maybe get Brian to do this. Talking about this later. Should have a way to keep track of affiliated faculty with info on how to contact faculty and alumni.

STWinger of the month to go in the newsletter; get bio for person each month and put in the newsletter.

Making own residential community thing: see Micah’s subcommittee. Need faculty advisor (Krimo). Need more details but definitely looking into it. Applications due Nov. 2 at noon.

Need to plan house pumpkin carving as well. Plan out a design beforehand?

Consider having agenda for meetings beforehand. Have a doc that people can edit so everyone can add the things they wanna talk about.


Next GBM – Monday 22 at 9:00pm (postersss)

Tyler – Krimo didn’t respond to email abt Rube Goldberg date

Aditya – Had first dinner discussion. Next one is Oct. 17, subcommittee making posters to put up this week, reserved PDR. Prof Pikul is the week after (need to make reservation) (Oct. 24, 6:30pm).

Maki – Servers went down because of KC power cuts, but are back up now. Should be backup power supply but didn’t kick in this time for some reason. Should ask Krimo abt this.

Miranda – board game event happened, ppl came and hung out and played games. Subcommittee meeting on tuesday at 7pm in blue lounge to talk about stwalloween, east meets stwest.

Raf – subcommittee meeting at 8pm today, project hours from Saturdays 2-4pm. Want to get materials in before advertising. Jessica is ordering materials.

Caroline – free kayaking someplace this saturday (stwing goes outside!) Biosphere is doing this as well.

T-shirt designs yay! Work still ongoing. Putting design for tshirt out on discord.


Raf – making list of materials to buy for the three projects. Triphibian robot, nerf gun modding. Subcommittee meeting at some point.

Tyler – no updates on rube goldberg competition, but need to email/talk to Krimo. Need new base boards because of the flooding. Need to schedule the Home Depot Trip ™ Subcomittee meetings on Sunday at 5pm (tentatively).

Miranda – No set subcommittee date yet. Jackbox party games over fall break. Do east meets stwest again to let seniors meet freshman (BYO snacks). STWalloween – IDEA: collect donations for social events; get budgets for events by asking ppl to donate money, decorations, food, etc. No specific amount, just have a box at events for the next event. Ask people to bring thier own snacks. People more willing to give money for food. Could charge $1 to go to something. Maybe more like a pay what you want.

Annie – no set subcommittee time yet. Need to change meeting times.

Aditya – Dr. Ghrist’s dinner discussion this Tuesday (emailing the house about this), How to set up 1938? Tables in a U, circle of soft chairs. Subcommittee meeting at 10pm on Sundays.

RAGAs – (the RAGAs have a subcommittee?) Restaurant week happened. On Oct. 12, doing a lunch with a former STWinger. Want to start doing weekly movie night and weekly family dinner (there’s a poll). STWing goes outside – Sat. 13 (Eric is planning it)

Micah – Talked to Jessica about t-shirts; need to upload design to get price estimate. Have an extra $680 for STWing (might be in addition, might not be). So could maybe subsidize shirts and then have more shirts in the spring? Nah probably not. Can customize shirts with ppl’s names for an extra $3. Probably $15 vs $18. Micah’s subcommittee meets 7-8pm on Fridays?  

Changing meeting time to 9pm on Sundays.


When kings court gets renovated, the blimp room might not be around/be the same anymore. Argument for keeping it = have projects that demonstrate our need for a makerspace.

Should bring in more faculty. Want to ally ourselves with major faculty. Let them know what STWing is after getting our foot in the door with a dinner discussion.

Make a faculty mailing list, associated faculty page on the webpage.

Should also make friends with other house deans.

Technically have a faculty and friends listserv.

Aditya – Prof. Ghrist dinner discussion next week in 1938 lounge, then Prof. Stegal, then Prof. Pikul. Want to get some new professors who haven’t done dinner discussions here before.

Raf – Kaiser wants to make a triathlon-bot. Richard wants to mod nerf guns.probably have 3 hours of project hours on the weekends.


Miranda – Max Mintz is coming early. Need people to help set up STWelcome. Need to buy more decorations, ex. streamers. Scanning in the STWing vintage binder, maybe put on the website.

Annie – Sending newsletter soon. Putting up posters for STWelcome.

Micah – Subcommittee form sent out, can add upperclassmen to the GroupMe. Need to check the signups for subcommittees. Might need to send out again; say it needs to be filled out by Wednesday. Sending out feedback form to ask freshman what kind of events they want.

Raf – Richard wants to do a nerf gun project. Need to decide who will sit in the Blimp room while people work on their projects.

Aditya – Prof. Ghrist dinner discussion in a few weeks; make poster for that and put up this week. Getting New Delhi catering. Prof. Stegal two weeks after that, then Prof. Picole(?) on Oct. 24. W/ respect to Sean the STWing alum from 2004, will try to meet according to the below mentioned people’s schedules. Only have a few people on the call (Raf, Aditya, Micah, anyone else who’s available)

Maki – electric car thing not happening b/c NCH stole it. Maybe try to get him to come here as well (ask if he has time). People can still go to the talk at NCH, but it just won’t be at KCECH. Just tell people to go there. Haven’t emailed robotics teams yet; still figuring out which high schools to contact.

Carly – Christine Richter (STWing ‘06) coming. Trying to get a “take your mentor to lunch” thing so can get subsidized.

Tyler – Dr. Holloway(?) excited to give a dinner discussion (not thursdays, mondays). 6:30 to 8:30pm at some point. Murder mystery happened and was fun; might do another one! Assassin is almost done. Need to make the rules more succinct and make sure everyone knows them next time. Save all the death pictures/STWavenger hunt pics to miranda for the end of year slideshow.

Eric – Bartram’s Garden thing for STWing goes outside (still SEPTA-able).


Put events on the KCECH calendar ahead of time to ensure no conflicts with other events and to reserve rooms. (Maki/Caroline)

Reservations have been made for the Jackbox game nights (Oct. 6 in 1938) and SWTelcome (Sept. 27).

Dinner discussions: Prof. Ghrist can come Oct. 1, 2, 8, 10. Oct. 2nd (Tues) @ 6:30pm. Prof. Stegal – Wed. Oct. 17th @ 7pm. Need to order food, but can ask house for money b/c is house event.

In the future, text Maki for room bookings. Aditya is making posters for the dinner discussions.

Shawn (Class of ‘04) reached out for working on projects with him (he does consulting). Do a skype meeting. Saturday (15th) at 7pm (or another date/time that works for him).

No one has submitted a project request 🙁 (put link in groupme).

STWavenger hunt happened! One team ran around in the rain, a few teams did stuff indoors, and lots of people came for pizza!

Jackbox party is over fall break, so maybe be more of a fall break activity. Might wanna plan another fall break event.

STWelcome – showing a video of Jorge. Krimo will give a greeting as well. Micah and Krimo kick off event, Max Mintz will come talk, then panel (Annie, Tyler, Micah). Put up posters for it now (Annie).

Murder mystery party next Saturday (12 signups so far!) Signups for Assassin close tomorrow, bumping in the groupme/email again. Emailing Krimo about Rube Goldberg competition (probably late October).

Form for committee signups (Micah). Should hold separate sorting hat event? Send out form, sort, and then announce what committees people are on at the STWelcome event?

T-shirts – need to talk to Raveen, but he’s sick :(.

Also need to print posters for people to join the Discord (Maki). 


Ask if freshman want to help Miranda with her cement printer.

Micah – making slideshow for GBM. Introducing Continuum members, talk about upcoming events, give descriptions of the positions.

Aditya – Dinner discussions – emailing people today (b/c Labor Day). Emailing Prof. Ghrist and Prof. sEvelyn Thompson, Sean Holleran (?), James Pikul. Can invite alumni to come back too (Ram, Geezers listserv). Maybe have ppl who know these profs ask them if they’re interested.

How recently has the alumni listserv been updated? (Ask Brian) Eric should talk to the alumni?

If dinner discussion is a house event, can get funding for food. Put up posters around the house, reserve a few weeks in advance.

Sent out alumni newsletter, one person (Phil) replied said that needs more pictures.

Aditya is now responsible for collecting pictures at events (more collecting).

Raf – Raf and Kyle ran the Blimp Room training day and it went well! Lots of freshman came! Want people to submit projects, if people don’t, will make general projects for people to sign up for. Ask for project ideas at the GBM, email out the project submission form (edited to include a submission of project ideas).

Maki – Need to add freshman to listserv and get them all Force accounts. Jorge wants us to write a grant to build an autonomous car (??? details still incoming). Hold an event around this? Dinner discussion with someone who knows about this? Dinner demo type thing? Getting more details from Jorge.

Dinner Demos would also be a fun recurring event idea for the future!

Tyler – Rube Goldberg competition being planned  for mid-october. Also planning STWing murder mystery, sending out sign up sheet (RAGAs will send out so freshman can see it) tentatively Sept. 15. Planning the robotics fair around when the high schoolers are available.

RAGAs – We should do a STWing goes outside again when it’s cooler. KCECH day went well, we didn’t win but will get money for participation. Slumber party in Mirage!!! Need to do July/Aug/Sept birthday celebration.

Annie – Add STWing events to the KC2 calendar/STWing calendar (this might be Maki’s job actually, not sure). Micah will come and talk to subcommittee about website and logo (if anyone wants to discuss the logo they should come to subcommittee meeting).

Miranda – Moving STWelcome to Sept. 22. Will have speakers by thursday/friday. Scavenger hunt happening soon (Sept 8 4-6:30pm)! Take poll to see if freshman are going to PennApps and see if ppl will actually go. Send out signup for the scavenger hunt, if get low sign up then move/cancel. Money for pizza/prizes came from budget last year, this year prizes = vintage (2017) STWing t-shirts and mugs! We will have pizza this year (come back by 6:30 for score to actually count and for pizza!).

Freshman are fairly participating! Around 10 freshman regularly hang out with other STWingers! Ex. the giant Cards Against Humanity game.

Doortags for off-floor upperclassmen are coming!

Need to make efforts to include KC4 STWingers. Get them on the STWing listserv, put GBM posters under their doors.

Want to sync stuff with the KCECH calendar (probably Maki’s job) so that don’t get room conflicts.


First meeting of the Fall 2018 semester!

STWing convocation: now STWelcome!!!

Changing to more of a faculty networking event, formal but not as formal as banquet

Held in 1938; upperclassmen can come, but won’t want to probably

Tentative date – sept. 18

Parliamentarian, Jorge, and Max Mintz present, faculty sit with students. Panel of upperclassmen to answer freshman questions

Invite dinner discussion faculty first

Social events:

Potluck again, but hold in rooftop lounge or blue lounge or mirage so that freshmen/upperclassmen can have dinner together!!!

Humans vs Zombies (Friday night at 10pm, or maybe night after kcech day) can try it tonight as well

Murder Mystery – Jazz Age Jeopardy (at some point)

Micah, Maki, Tyler organizing StwaStwastwin (possibly reintroduce nerf guns as weapons). Maybe do fall with nerf guns, spring without.

Blimp room workshop/certification training (Raf and Kyle), probably Sunday sept 2nd at 9pm (escape the room is that afternoon)

RAGA-run events:

Wednesday – study break

Saturday – kcech day

Sunday – escape the room

Thursday – FPAN, SAC

Elections take place in spring once a year

Sorting hat event for freshman to join subcommittees

Scavenger hunt – all across campus again. Sunday sept. 9th afternoon after pennapps ends. Pizza party afterwards!

First GBM: next week on Thursday (Sept. 6 8:30pm)

Have subcommittee sorting event during this GBM. Have an actual meet and greet activity as well.

Want to stress doing projects. Maki has control of the Project money; would be better if Raf approved projects/purchases and then took them to Maki to order. Bring all receipts to Krimo afterwards. Bring to Krimo for confirmation as well. There’s already a project application form, so make sure ppl know about it.

Project hours! Lots of freshman came for scientific stuff not nerd stuff, so want to start these. Really stress the school related stuff to freshman because not all of them are nerds.

Contacting ppl for dinner discussions this year. Tues/Wed/Thurs for dinner discussions.

Starting planning on the robotics fair, contacting the high schools to see when they’re free

EVENT: Your freshman is your ticket; you’re only allowed in if you know a freshman and come with them as a pair (if you’re an upperclassmen) If all (~90%) freshman show up/say they aren’t coming then everyone can get in.

SRC – worth having one this fall or nah. Lots of sophomores did research. Can’t have food at event, but can go for food afterwards. Will be on a weekend in november, 10th/17th of November. 

Rube Goldberg at some point, robotics thing? Idk ppl aren’t being real clear. Smaller mini challenge, probably middle of October (Oct. 13?)

Make lists of upperclassmen majors/classes so they have ppl to study with/ask questions (Tia is championing this!) Make study groups within freshman too. (make forms; Alexi is doing this sort of)

“Help with School” discord channel; for help with school stuff

Whentomeet for future GBMs

T-shirts at beginning of the year! Raveen has design sort of, needs words to go on the shirt.

WORDS: Who’s that STWinger? (in pokemon font), with year on the back. Can get customizable names on the back with “It’s _________!” Order within next few weeks.

Hang canvases to make a mural!!!!! Can be one big one or tile smaller canvases. If smaller ones, have a larger picture than everyone has a smaller portion ro draw in their own style.

Next time – figure out how to engage the non-nerds. Keep blimp room open more; open within the next few weeks.


(Part 3 of the Floor Theme Decision Saga™)

More theme discussion ensuing. Current front-runner – Marvel vs DC

Ppl like the transit map idea

Proposition: MINECRAFT

Poster – redstone diagram

Door tags – blocks

New theme: western(?) comic books (A/N: it was later decided that all comic books, including manga, etc., would be included)

Want people to hang out over the summer, maybe with stuff like board games

Make an alumni FB group

T-shirts won’t be out this semester; Raveen needs text for the shirts. Want to try to get them at the beginning of the year. STWing convocation on Sept 1. Talk about shirts for next year over the summer too. STWing does stuff in blimp room over the summer.

Also need NSO event for next semester.


(Part 2 of the Floor Theme Decision Saga™)

Need over 60 characters

NEW PROPOSITION: tabletop games

(Everyone was had a lot of ideas and was also very opinionated; various themes were discussed for at least an hour, and the following was tentatively settled on)

New theme suggestion: superheroes in general? + supervillains?

Marvel heroes and DC villains

Put it on the website, send out form to get top five choices. Response time = precedence.


(Part 1 of the Floor Theme Decision Saga™)

Want to get together and do stuff over the summer

Ask Ram about what equipment we have for banquet

Need more pictures of upperclassmen for the slideshow

New doortag theme: Lays chips flavors? 50 different finals review sheets? Magic Cards/Plainswalkers? Minecraft blocks? Various shades of gray 😏? Cryptocurrencies – 50 lowest valued cryptocurrencies? Cartoon Dinosaurs? Conspiracy theories? Ancient currencies? Fictional languages (can draw from e v e r y t h i n g!!!)? Classic sci-fi novels? Famous inventions? Famous computers? Chemical Elements?

Marvel – Aditya

Different subway systems – Maki (“What are you?” “I’m the Franklin Metro”)

Skyrim weapons/armor/shouts/characters – Kyle

4-D or higher shapes – Miranda

Assassins Creed characters – Annie

Man-made disasters – Micah

Ship blueprints – Tyler

DISCUSS OVER SUMMER. Need 10 nice examples of stuff from your favorite theme.

Want STWing shirts early in next semester



Micah – Need to order shelves,

Annie – Newsletter going out on monday night.

Aditya – made design for newsletter, proofreading newsletter, hopefully done by end of next week.

Raf – Planning how to start next semester, planning workshop and have list of projects/suggested projects for next semester.

Miranda – senior slideshow is done, normal slideshow is being done (fill out forms!!!) Convocation – have room bookedish, officially booked in july. Talking portion, interactive portion, another talking portion. Have list of potential speakers, and want to get alumni and current students to come, too. Also want STWing shirts for next year at convocation so freshman can have them in the fall. (look into doing this as a freshman gifts) or some other kind of stwing paraphernalia. (convocation = introduce freshman to current students, faculty, alumni, etc.).

Maki – Brian is still absent and has not started subcommittee meetings yet. *goes to find brian*

Tyler – SRC happened!!!!! Krimo came, people who weren’t presenting came, Krimo bought people lunch. No word yet on Rube Goldberg competition, will probably be held next semester. Should start planning now for the fall semester.

Brian – need people with technical skills for subcommittee. Probably have people set up gaming servers; assign different people to be in charge of different game servers. 

General Notes

Micah wants to do HeboCon,

Need to write tutorial on how to do stuff with the Force accounts (Brian/Maki)

Annie in charge of NSO event; plan over the summer.

Make groupme for summer planning. Work on calendar for next year, try to plan something for every weekend. Meet frequently over summer as well.

At GBM, talk about what’s going on over the summer.

No updated on ESAC, no response yet. Try and find actual email address to send things to. Also need to write proposal for SAC.

Saturday – humans vs zombies, thrown in collaboration with Social Deduction Club,

STWing Fling tees for next year!!! Could also do an actual STWing event during fling next year. MOUNTAIN DEW PONG!!!!!! Want something high-key but STWing-y, like a murder mystery party.

Event for freshman in blimp room next year, give people a challenge that could be solved in many different ways. Some kind of breakout thing or abstract task. Something documentable that can be compared between years. Ex. fit some number of pennies on a bridge across a gap. OR tell them to make a boat out of a bunch of wood. Last thing we do on tour is blimp room, and tour ends and they can’t leave until they complete the challenge. OR have it be a mandatory first meeting be the challenge thing.

Ways to get people into blimp room: make it more open in general, i.e. give people more access. Can keep doors open while ppl are in there, so have “office hours” every day. People can take shifts and do hw down there. Could open the blimp room to everyone to get them to join STWing. Do this at the start of next year. Have STWing open house in blimp room! Having blimp room open in the beginning of the year is good too because it will be cooler in the summer when people first get here.

Need to get card access to blimp room people. (Micah is working on this).


Micah – contacted by someone (social deduction club) who wants to use our nerf guns for humans vs. zombies event. Writeups of blimp room projects

Annie – website is mostly updated;

Aditya – no dinner discussion with Prof. Ghrist, but have asked physics prof Kane. Postponed till fall semester so that have more time to plan events and ask professors. 

Maki – Reddit post abt stwing on r/upenn;

Tyler – Meeting with Krimo about rube goldberg

General Notes

Want shelves for the Blimp room (order in with brian for shelving unit) Move blimp husk to a table or hanging from the ceiling.

NEXT GBM: wednesday 18 (during quaker days, so can show people the GBM!) newsletter

Stwing colors: Red, blue, yellow/orange/white



Spaces – Start organizing blimp room on Saturday (if senior projects are cleaned up). Ordering blimp room supplies – First round of blimp room supplies purchased! More to be ordered soon.

Gobal Press – alumni newsletter getting done, goal is to have it done by end of April. Posters being made for SRC. Planning on dinner discussion (Prof. Ghrist) going on; poster being made for this as well.

Global events – 3 signups for SRC so far, Rube Goldberg on 4-21/22 (weekend before reading days). Home Depot trip!!! Also will have food for RG.

General Notes

Need to start Marta’s irrigation project, starting next Saturday; Kyle is working on this.

Blue paint for the arcade machine.

Emailing ESAC.

What are we doing with Penn Science: have events in collaboration with them, have them come to GBMs (maybe), need people on STWing who can contribute to the publication.

Logos: Shield = ends of emails, website icon, stuff like that, Swoopy logo = document headers, maybe t-shirts, things with our name. 



Micah – shelves for the blimp room projects, put subcommittee meeting times in slack

Tyler – Wu and Chen from 12-3 for SRC, signups hopefuly released later today, presentation workshop/seminar for presenters/possible presenters, meeting with Krimo about running Rube Goldberg in the spring.

Annie – include real SRC times/info in newsletter, get info for next newsletter.

Raf – Process for buying stuff for the blimp room: form to request to buy stuff, vote in Continuum on whether people can buy the stuff they want, approve purchases and order things at Continuum meetings. Also make sure that senior projects get cleaned up when seniors are done working on them so that the Blimp room is usable by everyone.

Meeting with CoRE

Their events – big alumni network, so lots of events tailored to alumni reunion events ex. Corelore thanksgiving dinner specifically targeted at alums. Also a good networking opportunity for undergrads. One alumni event in fall, one in spring. Escape the room, intro coding classes for residential community, video/board game events, Core hackathon.

Alumni have a FB page where events get posted, have a discord group chat for playing video games, and lots of recent alumni keep in touch.

Groupchat for board members/groupchat for all the people in both groups (Groupme). Maybe a facetime with everyone, but complicated to prganize so probably not.



Local Events – STWing Banquet! Crazy sock contest at the STWing banquet is back! Don’t come in your socks, but change into them for dancing. High senior turnout expected!!! Seniors should think about what they want to say in advance, as each person will only have about a minute to speak. Forms needed – slideshow contributions and song requests.

Spaces – Workshop day: project signups during/after workshop; penncard access for project members given here! Organizing lower room.

Local Press – Quaker Days event, STWing goes to restaurant week (?).

Global Press – 2 diner discussions in April – 10/11: BE professor (get name), 24/25: Prof. G

SRC – April 8; posters, google form, more info forthcoming. Make sure communications make the event seem accessible to everyone!

Global Events – Rube Goldberg competition – March 31 (or end of April). Smaller event/easier challenge to shrink the time commitment for people (2h instead of 4h) or different events that people can come for one event instead of having to go for the whole thing.

Micah’s group – STWing films ex. Assassin documentary

STWing mural – each freshman class paints a mural at the end of the year; then it’s hung in the blump room //or// design an overarching picture over smaller canvasses and have freshman each paint a portion in their own style and put it all back together.

Who should design the overarching image? Freshman? Senior? Both? Want to promote interaction between upper and underclassmen. (send out an interest form, get money from the house/RAGAs)

Big goals/General:

Nice website! Quaker Days event! NSO event!

Donations – depending on which kind of account we are, we can get donations.

Talk to Housing about getting our housing form changed to have STWing’s real application questions instead of the generic one.