A loving community The courtyard between English House and Kings Court used to be a concrete wasteland until the efforts of faculty members Marta, Krimo, Julie, and others, along with several college house residents, transformed it into a beautiful, budding garden.


the grass is greener on our side

The KCECH Garden Club was established in the Fall of 1998 by a group of KCECH students RAs, GAs, Managers, and house staff. All members were concerned about the lack of green (e.g. plants, bushes, trees) in our courtyard, front desk area and floor lounges. The benches, tables and chairs that we all enjoy today, were not available 5 years ago. Basically, the courtyard consisted of a few unattractive, weedy lawn areas with lots of cement surrounding them.

Prior to the creation of the Garden Club, Julie and Krimo Bokreta had already been gardening and embellishing the area next to their apartment. Marta Rivas and Jorge Santiago began to work on the area in front of the Game Room. Professor Toni Bowers and her son Graham worked on an area in front of their apartment. Everyone had to dig out huge rocks and plenty of pebbles before planting anything, but the reward came sometime later. All these areas underwent a transformation; from ugly grass, weed and cement to a mixture of green and other beautiful colors.

To learn more about the transformative journey of the KCECH Courtyard, visit our History page. Also, feel free to browse our Gallery to see the transformation for your own eyes! Curious about how to join the KCECH Garden Club? Check out the Join Us page. And lastly, if you are interested in donating to the KCECH Garden Club, please see out Donate page. Thank you for visiting and we hope you enjoy what you see!

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