A loving community The courtyard between English House and Kings Court used to be a concrete wasteland until the efforts of faculty members Marta, Krimo, Julie, and others, along with several college house residents, transformed it into a beautiful, budding garden.

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the grass is greener on our side

If you are interested in the beautification of our Residence environment, want to become a club member, want to participate in community activities, would like to have a seminar offered or can offer a seminar related to gardening, landscaping, plants, trees, etc., or have any other suggestions for the KCECH Garden Club, please contact: Marta E. Rivas-Olmeda, Ph.D., KCECH Associate Master at 215-417-0015 or marta@stwing; Krimo Bokreta, Ph.D., KCECH Dean at 215-898-2530 or bokreta@pobox; or Saseen Najjar (saseen.555@gmail.com), Garden Club Student Coordinator.

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