John C. Parker Fellowship for Undergraduate Research

Details Requirements and Expectations

1. Description
     Named in honor of Science and Technology Wing alumnus John C. Parker, the Fellowship is annually awarded to the applicants who submit the best proposals for original, scientific research projects. If accepted, applicants will ultimately give a dinner presentation of their work before an open audience. The JPF panel will grant three fellowships, up to $1000.

2. Eligibility
    Although all undergraduate students of the University of Pennsylvania are eligible to apply, priority is given to freshmen and sophomores. Multiple applicants may apply to work on a single project. Eligible topics of research include technical research, natural science, mathematics, or physics, or any other scientific topic. The research must be conducted and originated by the applicant(s) for the grant.

3. Application Procedure
    The application can be found on the Web at In addition to supplying his/her own personal information, the applicant is required to submit a brief, yet comprehensive proposal explaining the nature of the research. In the event that multiple applicants apply for a single project, only one person should supply his/her personal information. A sample proposal is supplied on the John Parker Fellowship website It is strongly recommended that the applicants find a suitable faculty member, preferably in the field of research relevant to the fellowship, to act as an advisor during the period of the fellowship. If no professor is available, STWing will be able to provide references.

4. Selection Criteria
    The applications will be judged by a panel of STWing members and faculty with the following criteria:
  • Perceived commitment to the project
  • Significance in the field of research
  • Completeness of methodology
  • Detail in timetable
5. Expectations for Award Winner
    The award winners are expected to perform the research in a timely and efficient manner. It is not required that projects are completed by the May presentation. However, enough progress should be achieved to supply a 15 minute presentation.

Any questions may be directed to:

Good luck!