Alexander Simafranca, 2018

I am from Ewa Beach, a small suburban town about an hour away from Honolulu, HI. I study chemistry and materials science, and I have taken an interest in conductive polymers and polymer degradation methods. I am involved in the Penn Hawai'i Club and the Penn Latin and Ballroom Dance team, and I am also a brother of Phi Gamma Nu.

Audrey Liu, 2019

Hi there! I'm Audrey / Ada / the WiCS liaison for Continuum this year! I'm a freshman in the College from South Jersey and am currently undecided (but leaning towards computer science). Outside of school, my interests are travel, reading, food, and 80's movies :)

Bradley Jackson, 2019

hOI! I'm a computer science major and a freshman on STWing. I play way too much Smash, and dabble in some other games. I love AI, listening to electro-swing, contemplating the absurdities of life, and plushies. Also, I plan on hopefully maybe eventually making a game?

Brian Zhang, 2018

Hey! I'm Brian, a sophomore in mechanical engineering. I'm the sysadmin/manager, and I enjoy playing Civ!

Candace Jasper, 2019

I am a BE (Bioengineering) major, and I am one of the most personable people on the floor. Or off the floor, as the case will be next semester. I'm in band, and I would say I am the best sax player at Penn, as well as the best dancer, as well as the best person in general.
I religiously read the minutes sent out by our Cronos (Tyler at the moment), and I habitually troll Tinder. I am your Bacchus (god of debauchery for all of you ignorant blasphemers), which would make sense to you if you happened to read my first paragraph. In D&D I played a druid named Mc'Artemis who's animal companion (a fearsome hawk) was ripped to shreds by an eighteen foot tall dire apes. After that she drunk herself into a stupor and lived in a sack carried by a dwarf for a week.
On a more professional note; I am serving on Continuum as Bacchus, I am the floor representative to house counsel, and I am head of outreach for the robotics fair.

Also, as a caution to all incoming BE majors, BE 100 is not a real class. It will only bring you sorrow, but all freshmen take it anyway. Take intro to engineering 101 instead.

Caroline Cai, 2019

I'm a freshman majoring in computer science in Engineering. I love to ski, swim, and watch movies. Chocolate chip cookies and milk makes my day.

Caroline Lachanski, 2018

I'm a Bioengineering major, with plans to minor in Fine Arts and Computer Science. I spent a lot of my time working in a computational epigenetics lab, but in my free time, I enjoy drawing, playing board games, and watching/discussing movies.

Christopher Denq, 2019

i liek de takos. major in having too many swags. form de holy land of jersulamens.
monies n chesssteek exceptuble forms of payment.
pless no tomahtos in chesssteek.

David Mally, 2015

Computer scientist hailing from Connecticut. Programming language hipster, radio DJ, aspiring comedian. "..and after you make your fake baby, you can kill it, and it's also you!"

Emmanuel Suarez, 2019

Can I just say I like things? Unless I say that I am majoring in computer science. No, but seriously, I'm from Puerto Rico. Thanks for reading my bio!

Eric Quesada, 2018

I am a mechanical engineering major. I'm from Miami so I like the beach and the sun. I love fishing, camping, hunting, and sports. I like robots and things with LED's. Sometimes I come back to my room and I find people in it.

Isabela Rovira, 2018

I am a student in Digital Media Design, which is a major blending computer science with fine arts. I also study Japanese at Penn but my primary languages are English and Spanish. I’m an artist and animator from Rockledge, Florida and I love programming for games! You’ll find me working on projects or making sarcastic comments, or if you’re lucky, both!

Jie Luo (Roger) (Musical Brian), 2018

What in Davy Jones’ locker did ye just bark at me, ye scurvy bilgerat? I’ll have ye know I be the meanest cutthroat on the seven seas, and I’ve led numerous raids on fishing villages, and sunk over 300 galleons. I be trained in hit-and-run pillaging and be the deadliest with a pistol of all the captains on the high seas. I can sail anywhere, in any waters, and can kill in o’er seven hundred ways, and that be just with me hook and fist. Not only do I be top o’ the line with a cutlass, but I have an entire pirate fleet at my beck and call.
Also I'm a sophomore in computer science.

John Hewitt, 2018

I'm a computer scientist from Massachusetts who likes brewing coffee. I've played in STWing's intramural frisbee team. My research interests are in natural language processing and machine translation. My coffee interests are in brewing it and drinking it. Talk to me about linguistics, linux, and homemade pizza. I was Neelix on Continuum for the 2015-2016 cycle.

Joseph "Joey" LaSure, 2018

I am a history major from Athens, Tennessee. I came to the University of Pennsylvania as a Quest Bridge scholar. My hobbies include walking, reading, and going to church.

Kimberly Newman, 2018

Hey guys, I'm Kim and I'm a sophomore architecture-turned-neurobiology major. I am (unsurprisingly) from New Jersey and enjoy many things, ranging from running to drawing portraits to providing/bribing people with free coffee from my Keurig. Feel free to stop by my room anytime to say hi or nap on my cozy rug :)

Kyle Kersey, 2019

Hello! My name is Kyle, and I am currently a freshman from Kentucky studying Chemical Engineering and Physics. When I have some rare free time, I enjoy the outdoors, playing the saxophone, and working in the Blimp Room.

Micah Getz, 2019

I am the Jesus-haired socialist (TM). My friends call me Suzanna for my unbelievably successful D&D campaign, rivaled only to Shatz. I am Samwise for Continuum, and destroyer of worlds (kill them with fire).
My favorite food is small portions of cookies. But though my snacks may be small, my heart is obese. I probably have a condition. But most find me endearing.
I'm from the Philadelphia area, but I've never seen all the Rocky movies. I don't recommend it. Seriously, there are seven. I hate Grease too (the product and musical).
The hilarious should be savored like a fine wine. Lest we forget, I am a dragon. But that's not a secret. Here's a secret: I will never acknowledge this in real life, but I am beast at magic. Maybe if you beg me loudly and obnoxiously, I will perform for you. Seriously, I'll tell you I don't know any magic, but I'm lying. That's the first trick.
My wall is covered in sticky notes and string like a cheesy crime show. I use this to solve the mystery of my success. The conclusion: I'm just that good. *pervy wink*

Rachel Coler, 2018

Greetings, and welcome to the glorious home away from home that we call STWing! My name is Rachel Coler, and I am a rising junior majoring in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, with a primary focus in pharmaceutics and biotechnology. I was born and bred in this great city of Philadelphia, PA, and I adore organizing expeditions to Philly's landmarks like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Franklin Institute, and the Reading Terminal Market (and countless other destinations in and around town). When I'm not doing problem sets or working on research in engineering white blood cells to eat tumors, I love cooking and baking with and for my friends on STWing, singing, dancing, reading, playing board games, knitting, and just hanging out. If you are ever desirous of free food and conversation after a long day, definitely stop by!

Samuel Thomas Sanders, 2018

Originally from Bullhead City in Northwest Arizona, I'm a sophomore studying German and Physics in the College of Arts and Sciences. I'm currently STWing's Parliamentarian, I play piccolo and Flute in PennBand and PennFlutes, and, when I can, I like to explore Philadelphia and the Northeast in general (I haven't had a lot of experience with this coast, being from out west). If I'm not working on something for any of the activities I listed above, you can usually find me with my nose in a book.

Sriram Sridharan, 2017

Hi ! I am Sriram (I usually go by Ram) and I'm the Resident Advisor (RA) for STWing for 2015-2016, 2016-2017. I am a PPE (Philosophy, Politics and Economics) major and Legal Studies and History minor. I am from Chennai, India. I love STWing for the welcoming community that it is and the diversity of interests that it represents. I'm a full time memer and a part time gamer. I also attend to some academic pursuits from time to time.

Trevor Huang, 2019

Hello! I'm Trevor and I am a NETS major and a freshman on STWing. You will very often find me working or hanging out in the STWing lounge and I'm always up for a good chat even if it soon becomes an all-nighter. I egotistically sometimes refer to myself as the King of Games because I overall love all kinds of video games and tend to do quite well at tournaments and against my friends in all kinds of genres. If you want a good match to usurp such a title from me, challenge me to a game of DotA, Smash, chess, or some other game that you think you are really good at!

Tyler Durkin, 2019

Hi! I'm Tyler and I'm a freshman who has decided to study chemical engineering after several brief forays into (numerous) other fields. I, like many other people here at Penn am originally from the exotic and faraway land of New Jersey. In my spare time (those precious few minutes) I enjoy playing video games, reading, or filling my brain with more useless knowledge.

Veer Pandya, 2018

I'm currently a sophomore in Electrical Engineering. I enjoy building cool engineering projects and hanging out with other stwingers during my free time.

Zen (Zhengyi) Luo, 2019

I am an international student from China studying computer science at Penn Engineering. Most of the time I am studying/cooking/hanging out with friends/programming/sleeping. I love STWing.

Zheng Tian, 2018

CIS major, MEAM minor

Older Bios

Alex Daley, 2017

I'm a Digital Media Design sophomore interested in art, design, and front-end development. Isn't that interesting? I also like Lotr and 3d.

George Sun

Hi! I'm George Sun and I'm currently a freshman in Bioengineering. Aside from academics, I enjoy being physically active. Some sports that I have been involved in include rifle, fencing, and tae kwon do. Although, this seem like I like confrontation, I'm actually pretty peaceful... but it pays to be prepared. Some more tranquil activities that I enjoy are camping, hiking, and of course, daily excursions to WaWa. If you're ever heading there, make sure to tell me!

Rachel (Qiao) Han

Hi my name is Rachel / Qiao Han. I am a freshman in STWing, majoring in Computer Science. I grew up in Beijing, China and have been emerged in an environment full of sweaty science guys since very young. 
I live right across from the STwing lounge and have seen a lot of people (or just several guys repeatedly) sleeping carelessly in the lounges when I wake up and walk out of my room in the morning. I love hanging out in the lounge (while they are not sleeping), playing PARTY musics, wearing bear pajamas, watching movies with stwingers in the lounge (sadly this is not a perfect place for homework).
Anyway, I love STwing, math, 3D printing and robotics. I am in STwing (once a STwinger, forever a STwinger), GRASP robotics lab, Wharton China Association, Women in Computer Sscience residential program and also in Penn Band!
By the way, I once made a website called STwing Chat goes Crazy with my personal domain from seas, but it has gone too crazy and now the cancer chats are gone.

Demi Moed (Mom, mommy)

Hi! I come from Hopkinton, MA. I'm a materials science engineering major and a nanotechnology and crystallography enthusiast. I have a passion for writing sci-fi/fantasy novels and learning foreign languages. Most people on the floor refer to me as "Mom" because I have a tendency to make lots of food for people.

Seah Ying Cong (YC)

YC was a frisbee boss from Singapore. Sadly, his stay only lasted a single semester because he had to go back to Singapore to be a boss (of his company, Glints Intern). His resume would reduce most Whartonites to a sobbing heap. He didn't write this bio though, whoops. We'll ask him if he'd like to change it.