Potential STWingers

Welcome, young traveler! Your adventures await!

STWinger Miranda takes a ride on her majestic steed, aka Micah!

Do you think you’d fit in STWing? Then we’d love to have you here! Each year, around half of the rooms on the second floor of King’s Court in KCECH, where STWing’s main body resides, are reserved for freshmen. Among the amenities provided in KCECH is the campus’ best dining hall, an IT-staffed computer lab, a rooftop lounge, a nighttime snack store, and a quiet library study space. If you would like one of those rooms, you’ll need to apply to STWing via Penn’s Residential Services.

Once a year, STWing schedules a day to take everyone outside, just in case they haven’t recently!

In order for your application to be considered, STWing should be listed as either the 1st or 2nd choice in the housing application.

https://xkcd.com/382/, “Trebuchet”

Instead of an essayplease answer one or more of the following questions honestly and concisely. Don’t overthink it! But if all it took to apply was to check a small box then the people who showed up wouldn’t care at all— if you’re going to be our neighbor it would be nice if you engaged. Consider this a sunk cost.

Please keep your total response between 50 and 500 words!

  1. What do you expect to find on STWing? (e.g. friends, games, inspiration, trebuchets, etc.)
  2. What’s your favorite movie/book/author/song/whatever, and why?
  3. If you had an extra 4 hours in your day, what would you do with them?
  4. What is the most irritating thing you do?
  5. What is your biggest pet peeve?
  6. Fill in the madlib with words of your choice:One morning (read: 3PM) on STWing, [your name] woke up to the sound of [adjective] [noun] and exclaimed, “[a sentence]!”. [your name] [verb] out of bed and [verb] out into the hall. There, [your name] saw [noun] [adverb] [verb] [noun] and [verb] a(n) [adjective] [noun], to whom/which [your name] said, “[seven word sentence]”, and walked off thinking, “Only on STWing.”

Thanks for considering STWing!

Hope to see you next year!
Krimo is photoshopped! We promise his head isn’t normally that big, though that would be hilarious.

Regardless of whether you decide on us, we’d like to encourage you guys to use the following three resources:

  1. PennCourseSearch, an excellent alternative schedule-maker to PennInTouch, Penn’s official but very antique student interface.
  2. PennCourseReview, a student-run course review compiler, requires a PennKey login.
  3. Penn Course Alert, a service that monitors PennInTouch for you and emails you when a spot in a filled class opens up.