STWarcade Machine

STWarcade Machine!

Dean felt like it. And so the STWarcade machine was born.

We started working on the STWarcade in the fall of 2014, and it’s been on-and-off since. We have a good 3D model and we’re working out where our material is going to come from, so we’ll some better pictures soon! In the meanwhile, enjoy these from the first STWarcade workshop in the Blimp Room.

Dean Wilhelmi (GA) and Alex Perry (freshman) holding one of the joysticks for the arcade machine

Tommy Eldridge’s (freshman) hair and Veer Pandya (freshman) working on some soldering

Qiao Han (freshman) also working on soldering with Veer in the background

Eric Quesada (freshman) posing with his smexy dancing pole measuring tape

Everyone working hard!

The completed arcade machine now resides in the STWing lounge for people to enjoy!