STWing is a group that is both social and academic. To enable students in their academic path, STWing provides a vibrant upperclassman community that can advise students on which classes to take or research positions to choose through their four years at Penn. STWing unites students behind the idea “I want to make something” so that members can find other parties interested in their projects, upperclassmen to teach them how to accomplish their goals, and the materials they need for it. We host dedicated servers for student projects, and routinely have on running a Minecraft server (more information on STWing computing here). Separate from the day to day creativity a community united in a love for knowledge provides, STWing hosts a variety of large events such as the “Totally-not-copyrighted Rude Silverberg Competition”, the Robotics Fair, and the STWing Research Symposium.

Being on STWing isn’t only about being academic, but being willing to engage with others. College may be the only time in your life where your neighbors are all well educated and interested in talking to you. Converse with people from across the world on topics from language to crypto-currency to philosophy, and you will grow in how you view the world. Explore interesting video games and discuss optimal strategies on how to win. Recommend books to each other. This is what will make you grow. Outside of that there is some interesting research on how strong social support groups help people mentally, and STWing is a group that fosters bonds so that graduating seniors often find themselves keeping friendships they formed on STWing their freshmen year. Even separated from its academic benefits, STWing provides strong benefits.