Blimp Room


It’s not just about the Room itself, it’s about all the amazing possibilities it holds! And if you steal our Nerf Guns, we will find you. >:(

The Blimp Room is a great tool open to all STWingers! It provides a space to come together with other STWingers who have similar passions and work on projects. The Room is already stocked full of tools (see below), but you can always request more materials if you need them, and if your project is approved by the Blimp Room subcommittee, you may even receive funding for it!




Engineers aren’t always the most organized bunch… especially when they’re hard at work!

In addition to your basic toolbox-kit stuff (hammers, nails, screwdrivers, screws, saws, etc), the Blimp Room has power tools, such as a bench drill and a circular bench saw, a soldering iron, a DC power supply (up to 30 volts), and the manager of the Blimp Room, Professor Oak (aka Rafael Gehrke) has been generous enough to allow fellow STWingers to use his own 3-D printer!




Meet Professor Oak. He is very handsome and friendly (and he doesn’t appreciate it when I take hundreds of photos of him at a time *eyeroll*).

The Blimp Room is run by Rafael Gehrke, working under the title of Professor Oak. The Professor mans a subcommittee that meets regularly to maintain and oversee the Blimp Room. The space is usually locked, so if you would like to entreat entrance to the Blimp Room (and you are not in an approved project), just ask for Professor Oak and he’ll let you in. If you want to present a project that would require lots of material and man-power, you can ask for approval from this subcommittee. If you receive said approval, yay! You may be eligible to receive funding and whatnot, and now you have access to the Blimp Room via your PennCard! Even if it’s not a big project, however, you can still be let into the Blimp Room by Professor Oak whenever you want.


Right now, Professor Oak is working hard to get a Workshop Training Day going for the Blimp Room, not only so that STWingers are aware of the tools at their disposal and how to use them, but also as a platform to advertise or pitch project ideas. Keep an eye out for this day!

For more information on current prospective projects, look here!