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Name: Philip Peng
Handle: Keripo
AIM: DarkKeripo

Konnichiwa! My name is Phil and I am an engineering junior (class 2012) and active member of the STWing community. I started off curriculum deferred (i.e. undeclared major) but finally chose the awesome new Computer Engineering major. If you don't find me watching the latest anime, mashing away in StepMania/BeatMania IIDX, or playing the latest asian MMORPG, I'm probably hacking away at the latest handheld portable device (Android, iPod, PSP, etc.).

Online, you will find me cranking out code for my latest programming project. In the past, I worked on iPodLinux's Project ZeroSlackr, but currently I'm working on a Google Android app, Beats, Advanced Rhythm Game. See my temporary STWing link farm for more info.

Offline, you will find me in the STWing Blimp Room taking something apart, working on STWing's next crazy project, or crafting a weapon for my next cosplay. If you ask me about what I'm watching, I'll probably respond with something with "Gundam", "CLAMP" or "TYPE-MOON" in it. Outside of the house, I practice martial arts (Chinese SanDa) and won't take it lightly if I hear of STWingers being picked on (which, contrary to supposedly-popular beliefs, doesn't actually happen ^_^).

STWing is a very closely-knit community with a central, shared interest in science, technology and general crazyness. One day we'll be working on kickass projects that you wish you had done in high school, and the next day we're out on some floor event/party/etc. There exists no "stereotypical" STWinger (no, we aren't even all engineers) let alone even a "typical" one - everyone here brings in their own unique character into the greater community. If you're looking for an awesome and active residential program, a place to carry out your latest tech-related projects/master plan, or just a group of fun and awesome people to hang out with, STWing on KC2 is the place to be.


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