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Pages currently open to edits are listed below:

STWing Photo Albums

STWing Accounts

Which mailing list should I use?


A list of content that should be on the new (wiki-based?) website.

Nerf War

Rube Goldberg

Spring 2011 News Letter

Articles to be edited for Spring 2011's News Letter

Research Networking

Courtyard Fountain

Guidelines and parameters for design of the courtyard fountain

Freshman Housing

The new application and procedure for Freshman Housing

List of Past Letters

Letters of invitation that have been sent in the past to rube goldberg judges, banquet speakers, guests, etc.

Space Camera Proposal

This document constitutes a summary of our goals and our timeline for the space camera. What do we want it to do? What plans do we have for expansion and collaboration with the Penn scientific community? What is our schedule for construction? See also Space Camera Action Items.

STWing Projects

Have an idea for a project? Want to see what STWing is/has been working on? Discuss or chronicle anything from personal projects that have/will utilize the Blimp Room to ideas to improve The Lounge here.

Project TARDIS Questions

Questions for STWing's History

Bylaws Revision

Take part in the revision of Stwing's bylaws! Please claim an article on which you are interested in working by writing you name at the top of the article (the format for doing this is written at the top of the bylaws revision page for convenience). Please try to spread the work, if an article is short or if an article is already being edited by one or more people look for other articles to work on first.


The deadline for the release of the next Stwing newsletter is Spring Break! A few people are responsible for specific articles but by all means if you have comments or suggestions please add them or email the author! Also anyone is welcome to write an article for the newsletter any time, please don't refrain from writing about something of interest to you just because it is not assigned to you.

Continuum Numbers

Getting started