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Interview in the Daily Pennsylvanian, October 27, 2010

"Success is about getting the words right, it's about sharing a story with someone who needs to hear it." MORE

Review of Map on, September 2010

"a sweet and smart book" MORE

"Artist in the Office" Interview, August 2010

"The most important way my jobs have helped me creatively is by providing stability and structure. And by that I mean a steady paycheck, a place to go each day, and people to interact with, as well as a respite from the demand to be creative. I've experimented with a lot of different ways of writing, and there are definitely times on each project when I need immersion, but for the most part I find I am just as productive when I have a full-time job as when I don't." MORE and the INTRODUCTION where I am described by Summer Pierre as "one of the most PROFESSIONAL and DRIVEN writers I've ever known."

Map is Book of the Month on, June 2010

"refreshing, and a joy to read" MORE of the REVIEW and an INTERVIEW

Q&A in Curve Magazine, June 2010

"At a certain point your memory fails. You can't remember exact conversations. You forget what someone was wearing or whether this event came before that. Overall, I tried to stay true to the records I had, and to my memory, as well as to the emotional truth."

Review of Map on and Lambda Literary, April 2010

"delightfully original and fun to read" MORE (and HERE)

Interview and Review of Map in Bi Women, Spring 2010

"very relevant" and "extremely readable" MORE

Interview and Review of Map in JVibe, December 2009

"This memoir touched my heart, opened my mind and broadened my perspective." MORE

Review of Map on Three Good Rats blog, November 2009

"There is all the angst you would expect, and a level of melodrama that will remind you, painfully, of your first relationship. But it's also surprisingly humorous, and a couple of times I actually laughed out loud." MORE

Featured in story/interview, "Getting the Words Out: Taking a look at The Writers' Room: Boston's urban writers' colony," Bookbound, Boston University, vol.1 no.1, Spring 2002

"As a community of writers, The Writers' Room has produced influential work on a local, national, and international level. No matter what their reasons for joining--quiet time, intellectual community, even air conditioning--the Room's members form a literary community in a single place....[Audrey Beth Stein's] novel, which began as a short story called "On the Eighth Day," was sketched out with stream-of-consciousness writing over the summer [of 2001]--when she joined the Writers' Room--and has been being shaped ever since."

hear me out featured in article, "Speaking for the records," Waterbury Republican-American, October 27, 2001

"Stein put the tales on CD because 'I'm just really interested in the way stories come across when they're read.' The relatively inexpensive cost of producing a CD made the job doable so she could find out, on a small scale, whether people like listening to stories rather than reading them." MORE

Review of hear me out,, September 2001

"Stein's writing style is cutting in its honesty. The relationships she uncovers support her clear-cut view on life...her words are easy to comprehend and the stories are easy to relate to. [A]n accomplished writer."

Feature story/interview, "Stein's writing career receives big boost," Chavurah, August 2000

"The first time Audrey Beth Stein had her writing published, it was on the Kid's Page of Chavurah.

It's a long way from the Kid's Page to winning a prestigious national award, but that's exactly what Stein has done. She recently won first prize in the David Dornstein Memorial Short Story Contest for Young Adult Writers sponsored by the Coalition for the Advancement of Jewish Education (CAJE). Her winning entry, "The Terrorist Game," will be published in an upcoming issue of the Jewish Education News, which is sent to CAJE members." MORE