Audrey Beth 
Stein's SHOW AND

from "Speaking for the records"

by Mark Azzara

reprinted from the October 27, 2001, issue of The Waterbury Republican-American

Audrey Beth Stein, daughter of Marsha and Alan Stein of Waterbury, is in the graduate writing program at Emerson College in Boston. She has put some of her short stories down on paper from time to time and now has taken the unusual step of putting her words on a CD, too.

"Hear Me Out" is a CD with three stories that examine, through Stein's eyes, the struggle to understand relationships and sexuality and how her Jewish faith figures into and influences all of it.

Stein put the tales on CD because "I'm just really interested in the way stories come across when they're read." The relatively inexpensive cost of producing a CD made the job doable so she could find out, on a small scale, whether people like listening to stories rather than reading them.

As an aspiring writer, Stein has worked with a friend in an effort to self-publish some of her stories.

But as all aspiring writers quickly discover, books take a long time to get from the first idea to the bound volume. And she wanted to get something done quickly.

"I've been publishing for a while in different formats. I'll get something in a literary magazine. It's a nice little line on a resume but nobody's reading it," she said. But with the CDs, "I'm getting some good feedback. Some are listening to it while travelling," she said.

Stein, a two-time national prize winner in the David Dornstein Memorial Short Story Contest, grew up in Waterbury, worshipping at Beth El Synagogue and graduating from The Taft School in Watertown.

"The main thread that holds all three stories together is the subtleties of relationships," Stein said. "I'm looking at nuances as opposed to the traditional ways you see people reacting. I'm interested in the distance between parents and children. Parents may think that they're closer to their kids than they really are."

Information on ordering her CD is available on Stein's own Web site,