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Selected Writing

On Publishing Choices: An Opinionated Primer
guest post for Pimp My Novel blog, August 2010

Memoir, Truth, and Activism
guest post for LGBT Reading blog, June 2010

Writing About Real People
guest post for Heim Binas Fiction blog, June 2010

Revisiting Meg

An essay inspired by the publication, eighteen years later, of a new book about my favorite fictional character.

Why I Eat What I "Don't Eat"

A short piece on food and peace, probably written in summer/fall 2004 as part of my Gourmet Guest project. I think I once planned to revise and expand it but that never wound up happening. I stumbled across this piece again years later in a recipe notebook, at a time when I was trying again to wrap my head around a political confict, and decided it should see the light of day.

Meeting Chapin

This story has more than one beginning. It began a few weeks ago: I turned twenty, I went home, I saw her in concert. It began nearly five years ago: I bought a tape of hers, Shooting Straight in the Dark. It began just before that: Mr. Nicholson--her former and my then-current English teacher--showed our class a videotape of her performing at the Grammys. It begins now: I try to put this in words and hope I can tell it right.

Writing My Way

Your mere "hello" could become a ten-page story, your worst insecurities could put me on the bestseller list, your lifetime achievement could be a line of mediocre prose.... This piece is the Personal Statement I submitted with my application to Emerson's MFA program; it served as a credo of sorts throughout graduate school. In a sense, it is also a sequel to "Meeting Chapin."

If you could spend an evening with any one person, living, deceased, or fictional, whom would you choose and why?

This essay got me into college. It's sort of bragging, I guess, to show it off here. But the college counselors and English teachers at my high school started using it to teach the seniors how to write good college essays, and I thought it might inspire other students struggling with the challenge. The quotation is from Ellen Emerson White's White House Autumn, and the copy I sent to Penn and Yale included a proper citation.

Rooted In Something Called Friendship

A fictional story rooted in a real place where I spent many summers. Camp is a world which influenced my life profoundly through my teen years, with long-lasting reverberations.

On The Eighth Day
2nd place in CAJE's David Dornstein Memorial Short Story Contest, Summer 1999
Jewish Education News, Summer 1999

The Terrorist Game
1st place in CAJE's David Dornstein Memorial Short Story Contest, Summer 2000
Jewish Education News, Winter 2001