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The Chronicles of Amber (the cover of the first volume is scanned at the left) is a series of 10 novels (5 in the original Chronicles and 5 in the second series) written by Roger Zelazny. The books in the series are: (all links are from a Roger Zelazny page by Norris Thomlinson.)

The First Chronicles of Amber

The Second Chronicles of Amber

All the books have been recently (1994-1995) reprinted by Avon Books, so your local bookstore is likely to carry them. There exists (released in summer 1996 if I recall correctly) The Complete Amber Sourcebook by Theodore Krulik (authorized by Zelazny). You may still find it in some stores, as well as on It gives expanded versions of the background stories for each major and minor character, including some stuff that's not in the book. Several short stories set in Amber universe were also published by Zelazny, but I was unable to obtain the texts, so they are not included. I also have not included any information from the Visual guide to Castle Amber, although some of the pictures linked are from there. The Guide was also reprinted in the last few years (last time 1995 I think).

The following is an effort by the me to get a Who-is-Who and What-is-What kind of list. I know of at least one similar document maintained at Lyon, France (see pointers at the bottom of this page). The aim of this page is to provide a ready reference to the canonical characters and locations in the Amber universe, common to most role-playing games set in it. The information is derived from the novels themselves. I tried avoiding secondary sources and speculations as much as possible. The information in this document is verified against the Complete Amber Sourcebook, but it is not derived from it. The background stories of the characters in the Sourcebook often go beyond the original novels so I did not know them at the time I was starting this. I'll probably add them some time in the future.

If you are using this document for RPG or MUD, please remember, that the characters in your game have probably evolved beyond these pages.

I decided not to include Earth beasts and locations, Alice in Wonderland characters and common spells (ones used in sorcerous duels etc.). I also did not include any technological stuff, except for the Ghostweel, but it (he?) is a special case.

Some of the persons and objects in the Dictionary have trump pictures linked. I do not own any images and have no control over them, I've just looked them up in different places and thought it would be cool to add links to them. I don't make any claims about their valiue. If you have seen better pictures please let me know. (The majority of the current set of trump links is by Boris Sirbey, linking to his page.)

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Warning! This dictionary may spoil your enjoyment of the novels. If you have not read them or are reading them for the first time you will find this dictionary a plot give-away.


As an introduction to the world of Amber I would like to put a small quote from Guns of Avalon (Amber-2) from Corwin's first conversation with Dara:

"I am going to tell you something Benedict should have told you long ago," I said. "Never trust a relative. It is far worse than trusting strangers. With a stranger there is a possibility that you might be safe."

"You really mean that, don't you?"


"Yourself included?"

I smiled.

"Of course it does not apply to me. I am the soul of honor, kindness, mercy, and goodness. Trust me in all things." *

So here are all those relatives and total strangers in alphabetical order:

Humanoid and demonoid characters.

Alice in Wonderland characters are not included.

ARKANS - a Kashfan noble, Duke of Shadburne, heir-apparent to the Kashfan throne.

ARTHUR - An illegal arms dealer in Brusseles, Shadow Earth.

BAILEY, MORIS - Doctor in an emergency room on Shadow Earth.

BANCES - Lord of Chaos, Duke of Amblerash. Regent of Chaos after the death of Swaywill. B. is also The High Priest of the Serpent.

BAYLE - Baron of, the wine seller to the court of Amber.

BELISSA MINOBEE - Duccess of Hendrake, head of the house.

BENEDICT - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon, Master of Arms at the courts of Amber. Lord-protector of Avalon during the Patternfall war.

BILL ROTH - Attorney, advisor to the Court of Amber. Participated in the negotiations over the Peace Treaty. Personal friend of Prince Corwin.

BLEYS - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. During the struggle for sucsession sided with Brand, later with the openning of hostilities joined with Corwin, the regent of Amber.

BOREL - Prince of Chaos, Duke of Hendrake and of Royal House of Swaywill. Master of arms of the house of Hendrake. B. was killed by Prince Corwin during the Battle of the Courts of Chaos.

BORQUIST - Pit diver and poet in the Courts of CHaos.

BRAND - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. In the search of personal power B. betrayed Amber and damaged the Pattern. B. possesed remarkable magical abilities but according to later researches he lost something of his humanity. B. was killed by Caine during the Battle of the Courts of Chaos.

CADE - Secretary of Begman embassy in Amber.

CAINE - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. C's determination to find the root of the trouble and treachery proved in the end determinational to the result of the Patternfall war. C. killed Prince Brand during the Battle of the Courts of Chaos. C. was asassinated by Prince Rinaldo of Kashfa.

CHINAWAY - Lord of Chaos, house of Hendrake. Killed by the Ghost of Gerard.

CLARISSA - Queen of Amber, wife of Oberon, mothjer of princes Brand and Bleys and princess Fiona. Obreron divorsed C. and her futher fate is not known.

CORAL - Illegimate Daughter of Oberon and the wife of the Begman Prime Minister Kinta; the Quin of Kashfa. Dworkin has installed the Jewel of Judgement (Left Eye of the Serpent) within her eye socket and apparently gave her some control over it. C is married to Rinaldo I, King of Kashfa.

CORWIN - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. Regent of Amber after the death of Prince Eric. Under his rule Amber withstanded the attacks of the Courts of Chaos in the course of the Patternfall War. According to some researchers C. was Pattern's champion in the confrontation that was underlying the Patternfall war. The greatest achievment of C. was creating a Pattern if his own (Corwin's Pattern), thus being able to exert his will even while imprisoned in the Courts of Chaos and enjoying status similar to Lord Dworkin. In the technical sense C. was the King of Amber between Oberon and Eric.

CYMNEA - Queen of Amber, Wife of Oberon, mother of Princes Osric, Finndo and Benedict. O. later annuled the marriage.

DALT - Illegimate son of Oberon. D.'s attempts to reach the Amber's throne made him an outlaw in the Golden Circle. As a military advisor to Prince Rinaldo he succeeded in delivering him the crown of Kashfa

DAN MARTINEZ - one of ty'iga bodies, which attempted to assasinate Prince Rinaldo.

DARA - Princess of Chaos, Duchess of Sawall. The creator of the plan that lead to Brand's treachery and as a result to the Patternfall war. D. is known for remarkable magical abilities and special relations with the Logrus. D.'s ultimate goal appeared to be the destruction of Amber.

DAVE - Hermit, who lives in a cave near the Keep of Four Worlds.

DEELA -, the Desacratix. Mother of Dalt. Supposedly raped by Oberon after he imprisoned her, she became notorious after burning the Unicorn Shrine at Begma. D. was killed while leading her troops in battle against Amber.

DIERDRE - Princess of Amber, daughter of Oberon. D. was killed by Prince Brand in the battle of Courts of Chaos.

DELWIN - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. Being one of the youngest princes, D. left Amber after the death of his mother and never returned.

DERTHA GANNEL - assistant ot Begman ambassador to Amber.

DESPIL - Lord of Chaos, son of Duke Sawall and Dara.

DOYLE - Jeweler in Avalon.

DROPPA MA PANTZ - Jester in the Court of Amber.


DWORKIN - Lord of Chaos, creator of the Pattern of Amber. D. is closely linked to the Pattern, so the manipulations of one another are impossible without damage to both. D. is the creator of the art of Pattern-style magic and the Amber pack of Trumps.

DYBELE - mother of Princess Flora.

ED WELLEN - a contractor on the Shadow Earth.

ERIC - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. Self-proclaimed King of Amber, E. was never recognized formally as legimate. E. was forced to assume the throne under the threat of Prince Brand and his supporters. E. took an active part in the early stages of the Patternfall war as the commander-in- chief of the Amber Troops. He was killed in the battle of Kolvir.

FAIELLA - Queen of Amber, wife of Oberon, mother of princes Eric, Corwin, Caine and princess Dierdre. F. died in childbirth.
In the Nine Princes Corwin thinks of Random as his full brother. He is mistaken and clarifies it in the Sign of Unicorn. Caine's ansestry is listed as per Sourcebook but other interpretations exist.

FERLA QUIST - Begman ambassador to Amber.

FINNDO - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. F. has died in service of Amber after the death of Osric.

FIONA - Princess of Amber, daughter of Oberon. Full sister of Prince Brand, she possesed remarkable magical abilities. Originally supporting Prince Brand in his claims to the Amber throne, F. later turned against him and his alliance with Chaos.

FLORA - Princess of Amber, daughter close handle3;of Oberon. F. was known for her loyalty to any current posessor of the Amber throne. Also called Florimel.

FOCAULT, MICHEL - Procureur general to the parlement in France on the Shadow Earth in XVIII century, aquitance of Prince Corwin and Princess Flora.

GAIL LAMPRON - a body of ty'iga in which she was the girlfriend of Prince Rinaldo on Shadow Earth.

GANELON - General of Corwin in the time he was the King of Avalon. G. was charged with treachery and exiled to Loreine. Oberon has used G.'s form to examing Corwin before naming him the heir to the Amber throne.

GANNEL, DRETHA - Assistant to Begma's ambassador to Amber.

GEORGE HANSEN - 1. One of ty'iga bodies. 2. Corwin's neighbour on the Shadow Earth, who helped him with the yard work.

GERARD - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. Commander of the Amber Navy, Protector of the seas of the Golden Circle. G. was known for his loyalty to Amber, rather than to the king.

GHOSTWEEL - See entry in the Objects and Manifestations.

GILVA - Lady of Chaos, house of Hendrake.

GOATMAN - True name unknown. Chaos commander in Lorraine. G. was killed by Prince Corwin inside the Circle of Lorraine.

GRAMBLE - see Sawall.

GRIDE - Duccess of Sawall, first wife of Duke Gramble, mother of Prince Mandor.

GRYLL - Demon servant of Prince Suhuy.

HARLA - Queen of Amber, wife of Oberon, mother of Prince Delwin and Princess Sand.

HENDON - Stuard of Amber Castle.


JAMIE - Guard in the castle of Amber.

JASRA - The Queen of Kashfa. J. was born in shadow near the Courts of Chaos. She was a servant, later a maid companion to Lady Dara. After the death of her husband Prince Brand, J. moved to Kashfa, where established herself as the Queen. Later she moved to the Keep of Four Worlds and lost the throne of Kashfa.

JASRICK - Kashfan noble, Earl of Kronklet.

JASTON - Kashfan General and later King. J. was apparently assasinated.

JOHN - also Old John. Emissary of King Random.

JOPIN - Keeper of the lighthouse of Cabra.

JULIA - Earth-born sorceress, student of Jasra. After her rebellion against her teacher J. under the name of Mask ruled the Keep of Four Worlds. Later a fiance (unconfirmed) of Prince Jurt.

JULIAN - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon, commander of Amber forces in the Arden forest.

JURT - Lord, later Prince, of Chaos, son of Lady Dara and Duke Sawall. Under the directions of Julia J. acquired sertain special powers.

KASMAN - a Kashfan noble, who has catured the throne from Queen Jasra in a coup d'etat.

KERGMA - a shapeshifter from the Courts of Chaos.

KINTA - mother of Coral, wife of Orcuz.

LANCELOT - also known as Lance, a knight in Lorraine.

LARSUS MINOBEE - Duke of Hendrake, General. L. was killed by Prince Julian During the Battle of the Courts of Chaos.

LINTRA - Lady of Chaos, commander of Chaos forces in Avalon during the Patternfall war. Supposed to belong to the House of Helgram.

LLEWELLA - Princess of Amber, daughter of Oberon and Moins. L. almost permanently lived in Rebma.

LORRAINE - A woman in Shadow Lorraine.

LUKE - 1). see RINALDO. 2). Ghost of Prince Rinaldo, supported by Corwin's Pattern.

MANDOR- Prince of Chaos, later also Duke of Sawall and Rim Lord. Powerfull sorcerer and a fine scholar, M. possesed a desire for personal power. Prefering to remain behind the scenes he abdicated his own rights to the Crown of Chaos.

MARTIN - Earl, later Crownprince of Amber, son of Random.


MEG DELVIN - One of the ty'iga's bodies.

MELKIN - Officer at the keep of Ganelon, shadow Lorraine.

MENILLAN - King of Kashfa, consort of Jasra. Died from debilitating sickness leaving Jasra the Queen of Kashfa.

MERLIN - Prince (later King) of Chaos, Duke of Western Marches, Earl of Kolvir, son of Prince Corwin of Amber and Lady Dara, stepson of Prince Sawall of the House of Sawall of the Courts of Chaos. Double heritage of M. made him an important parameter in the balance of forces between the Pattern and the Logrus. M. is an initiate of both Logrus and Pattern.

MIRELLE - Princess of Amber, apparently deceased.

MOINS - Mother of princess Llewella.

MOIRA - Queen of Rebma.

MORGANTHE - Princess of Rebma, daughter of Queen Moire. M. is the mother of Crownprince Martin of Amber. M. committed suicide after breakup with then Prince Random.

NAYDA - Daughter of Orguz and his secretary. The body of N. after the death of her personality was inhabited by a ty'iga who found herself captured. The references to N. usually are the ones to the ty'iga sent by Lady Dara to protect her son, Prince Merlin.

OBERON - King of Amber, son of Dworkin. There is little information about his powers, but apparently O. was a potent sorcerer. O. was killed by the repairing of the Amber Pattern.

OLD JOHN - see John.

ORGUZ - Prime minister of Begma.

OSRIC - Prince of Amber, son of Oberon. O. was killed in a battle three centuries before the Patternfall war.

PAULETTE - mother of King Random of Amber and of Princess Mirelle, native of Shadow Earth.

RANDOM - Prince, later King of Amber, son of Oberon. R. was chosen to the throne by the Unicorn on the field of the battle of the Courts of Chaos.

REIN - Lord R., Noble at the court of Amber, friend of Prince Corwin.

RHANDA - Childhood friend of Prince Merlin.

RICK KINSKY - a bookstore manager on the Sahdow Earth, one of Julia boyfriends.

RILGA - Queen of Amber, wife of Oberon, mother of princes Gerard and Julian.

RINALDO - Prince, later King of Kashfa, Lord of Amber, son of Prince Brand and Jasra. Assassin of Prince Caine.

ROGER - A guard in the dungeons of Amber Castle, also a writer.

ROLOVIANS - Prince of Chaos, Duke of Jesby.

SAND - Princess of Amber, daughter of Oberon. S. vanished without a trace few centuries before the Patternfall war.

SAWALL - (Gramble S.), Prince of Chaos, head of the dukedom of Sawall, one of the Rim Lords.

SCROF - Dweller on the Threshold, left by Jasra to guard the shadowway between Eath and the Keep of Four Worlds. S. was killed by Prince Merlin. S. was apparently created from primal Chaos.

SHARU GARUL - Shadow sorcerer of unknown origin. First known posessor of the Keep of Four Worlds.

STRYGALLDWIR - Demon in service of the Chaos commander in Lorraine. S. was killed by Prince Corwin.

SUHUY - Prince of Chaos, house of Sawall, the Keeper of the Logrus. S. is the Master of Arts of Chaos, house of Helgram.

SWAYVILL - The King of Chaos in the time of the Patternfall war. Died from a disease apparently caused by Prince Eric's curse.

TECYS - a family, acquaitances of Prince Benedict.

THOBEN - Captain of Amber Navy.

TMER - Prince of Chaos, son of Prince Rolovians of house of Jesby.

TUBBLE - Prince of Chaos, house of Chanicut.

TY'IGA - 1. A type of bodyless demons. T. are capable of taking possesion of other bodies. When T. leaves the orginal occupant just sufferes an amnesia. 2. The T. - See Naida.

UTHER - a king in the Shadow Lorraine.

VIALLE - Queen of Amber, the wife of Random, a Lady of Rebma. Although blind, V. had a strong political influence.

VICTOR MELMAN - Earth-born sorcerer, student of Jasra and Prince Rinaldo. Killed in an attempt to assasinate Prince Merlin.

VINTA BAYLE - Daughter of Baron Bayle and misterss of Prince Caine.

Objects and manifestations.

Common spells are not included

BROKEN PATTERN - Defective image of the Pattern of Amber in the first 9 veils of Shadow around Amber. B.P. can be used for initiation of anyone, provided the person manages to walk through the crack in the B.P. without touching the lines. The power B.P. gives carries the crack that is a permanent danger to the initiate.

BLACK ROAD - A stretch of Chaos across the normal shadow. The Great B.R. of the Patternfall war was enabled by the crack of the primary Pattern and connected Amber to the Courts of Chaos. B.R. can be destroyed by the image of the Pattern. B.R. produces a lethal effect on all normal beings while the Chaos creatures can utilize it for fast shadow traveling.

BLOOD CURSE - Also known as Death Curse. One of the most powerfull spells available to initiates of the Pattern, B.C. surprisingly does not require any special training. During the height of physical suffering, usually before death, a Prince of Amber can lay this spell on any being. Although the effect of the B.C. is usually indirect it is practically impossible to overcome.

BOOK OF THE SERPENT - full: Book of the Serpent Hung upon the Tree of Matter. The Holly Book of the Ways of the Serpent.

BOOK OF THE UNICORN - The Holly Book of the Church of Unicorn. Parts of it are allegedly written by the Unicorn herself.

CIRCLE OF LORRAINE - also, Black Circle. The manifestation of the Black Road in Lorraine.

FAIELLA-BIONIN - The stairwell to Rebma. F.-B. allows air-breathing creatues tto enter Rebma unharmed.

FOUNT OF POWER - The fountain of magical energy in the point where 4 shadows meet inside the Keep of Four Worlds. The energy of the F. of P. mantaines the functioning of the keep and can be utilised by a skilled sorcerer.

FRAKIR - Danger-sensitive strangling cord of Prince Merlin.

GEAS - A rather complicated compulsion spell.

GHOSTWEEL - Sentient magical computer created by Merlin. G. is supported by the energy sources scattered throughout the shadow. Although G. is an "idealy sinthetic being", it possesses a human-like concience and self-awareness.

GREAT PATTERN OF AMBER - Actually a first shadow of the primal Pattern. The G.P. is located under the Palace of Amber and has most of the properties of the original immage.

GRAYSWANDIR - The sword of Corwin. G. carries a part of the Amber Pattern on the blade. G. has an ability to come to its posessor through the shadow as well as contact the beings in Tir-na Nog-ht. G. is also known as a Nightblade.

HELLRIDE - the term, used to refer to fast travel through Shadow, ususally horseback.

JEWELER'S ROUGE - Gem polish, widely used in Avalon. J. R. can be used as gun powder in Amber.

JEWEL OF JUDGEMENT - Magical object of the highest order, J.of J. contains the primary copy of the Pattern and can be used for creation of a new Pattern and protection against major powers. Also known as the Left Eye of the Serpent. It is reported, that if the J.of J. is returned to the Serpent the bipolar world would end.

LIVING TRUMP - A state of being that allows a person to transport himself between any two places in the Shadows.

LOGRUS - Geometrical manifistation of Chaos. Negotiating the L. gives the initiate access to its powers. L. is an everchanging pattern of angular lines. L. is located in the Courts of Chaos

PATTERN - The Geometrical manifestation of Order. P. is located in the primary plane of Order. Walking the pattern gives the initiate access to its powers. P. is a fixed labyrinth of curves. The P. is drawn from the Jewel of Judgement by a Jewel initiate and can be destroyed by blood of the creator or his/her descendants. Also, only these people can survive walking the pattern.

PIT OF CHAOS - The Chaos equivalent of the primary plane, inhabited by bodyless beings. The P. is generally hostile to all beings, but some inhabitants of the Courts of Chaos are making living by retrieving from it artifacts of creation.

SHADOW - Generally, a parallel universe, created by the powers of Chaos and Order. Any initiate of the powers casts his(her) Shadows if (s)he stays in the same Shadow long enough. A Shadow of a person is a being in a parallel universe that resembles (less and less with distance) the appearance and actions of the initiate. Theoretically, any immaginable place exists somewhere in the Shadows. Laws of nature differ widely between the shadows, so that the higher technological achievments appear to be working in the more limited number of Shadows. In order to shift or travel between Shadows a person must be a power initiate or follow one. One can also utilize the Shadow ways, Trumps and number of other artifacts and manifestations.

SNAKE OF CHAOS - A one-eyed snake, biological representation of Chaos. The second eye of The S. is the Jewel of Judgment (see above). According to the Unicorn, when the other eye returns to The S. the world will come to an end.

SPIKARD - One of the nine majic Shadow Rings. S. operates as a magic processor and resource library and is powered from sources throughout the Shadows.

TRAGOLITH - Blue gemstone. Large masses of T. are known to work as a magical insulator. Small T. can be used to track a person through Shadows.

TRUMP - A picture (in a form of a Tarot Card) of a person or place, that inbeds elements of the Pattern (whole or Broken) or Logrus. The personal T. allows trans-Shadow communications and transport to the person addressed. Locational T. open one-way gates to the depicted locations from any place in the Shadow. Amber (or Pattern) T. tend not to function in the Courts of Chaos and vice versa.

TRUMPS OF DOOM - A pack of trumps created by Prince Rinaldo. T.of D. generally lead the user into danger, although they can be used as an avenue of escape.

UNICORN - biological manifestaion of Order. U. is apparently a shape-shifting female entity. It's supposed that she is the mother of King Oberon.

WAY - 1. An open path between two Shadows. 2. (us. pl.) Collection of places in different shadows forming a single building or castle, e.g. Mandor Ways, Ways of Sawall.

WEREWINDLE - The sword of Brand, the day sword. Like Grayswandir, the Nightblade, W. carries a portion of the pattern. The specific properties of W. are not known, but assumed similar to ones of Grayswandir.

Non-humanoid (demonoid) characters and non-intelegent life forms.

Shadow Earth beasts, demons and demonforms are not included.

FIRE ANGEL - Large winged predator. F.A. Are extremely strong and have a lot of redundacies in their body systems, including three hearts. They are natural Shadow travelers and can be used to track (and assassinate) persons away in the Shadows. F.A. usually hunt in pairs. Natural habitat of F.A. is near the Courts of Chaos. F.A. are extremely dangerous but trainable beings.

GLAIT - Snake friend of Prince Merlin. G. lives in the Ways of Sawall.

GLEMDENNING - Wonder Horse of Benedict. Red with black striping.

HUGI - Crow of Ill Omen, that used to live in the borderline shadow. H. was eaten by Prince Corwin as he himself predicted.

JABBERWOCK - Winged predator known to appear in numeber of different Shadows. Best J. skeleton is on display in the Ways of Sawal in the Arts Maze.

MANTICORA - Large preditor, related to feline. Natural habitat: forests in Shadows near Amber. Very inteligent. Hunts large game including humanoids. No tame M. are known.

MORGENSTERN - Wonder Horse of Prince Julian.

SNAKE OF CHAOS - see Manifestations chapter.

SPHINX - A large winged intelligent feline with blue fur and feathers. Although S. are predators and do not exclude hominids from their diet, they are compulsed to offer their prey a chance to escape if an answer for their riddle is supplied. The reason for this compulsion, which appear to override such instinct as hunger, is unknown, although some theories suggest that it's linked with basic S. psycology.

UNICORN - see Manifestations chapter.

WIXER - tame griffin, that King Oberon has left to guard the Primal Pattern.

WONDER HORSE - Usually look like common Earth horses. W.H. are larger, have much greater stamina and readily suited for shadow rides.

WYVERN - also Wivern. W. are used as riding beasts in some shadows near the Courts of Chaos, which must contain their native habitat.

YGG - Sentient tree which marks the boundry between the shadows of Amber and ones of Chaos. Y. was planted by Oberon as a border marker. Y.'s branch was planted by Corwin when he was creating his Pattern.

ZHIND - Horned predator. Natural habitat - Black Zone near the Courts of Chaos. Z. are hunted for sport by Chaos nobbles.

Locations and Shadows.

Shadow Earth locations are not included.

AMBER - The first shadow of the primal plane of Order, the city of A. is the archtype of all cities. The Palace of A. is the seat of the King of A., the ruler of Order.

ARBOR HOUSE - Country esate of baron Bayle near Amber.

ARDEN FOREST - Archtype of a forest, great forest near Amber.

AVALON - Shadow where Prince Corwin once ruled. A. was destroyed in some way, but a Shadow of it came to b e ruled by Prince Benedict. This new Shadow became new Avalon.

AVERNUS - Shadow where Princes Bleys and Corwin recruited troops to aid in their attack of Amber.

BAYLESPORT - Town and port near Amber.

BEGMA - Major Kingdom in the Golden Circle.

CABRA - Island and lighthouse near Amber.

COURTS OF CHAOS - cumulative term for the collection of shadows near (and including) the primary shadow of Chaos. Also C. is the seat of the King of Chaos.

DEIGA - a Golden Circle kingdom.

EARTH - or Shadow Earth, a major shadow (strengthened by Prince Corwin and Princess Flora).

EREGNOR - a Ducy near Kashfa.

FIRE GATE - a Shadow on a path near the Courts of Chaos.

GARNATH VALLEY - A valley south of Amber. During the Patternfall war the Great Black Road ended in G.V. G.V. was the site of the Battle of Kolvir.

GOLDEN CIRCLE - A group of shadows that have a trade and military defence pacts with Amber. In exchange for defence and trade priveleges, Amber has the right to send troops and navies through the territories of the G.C. shadows.

GROVE OF THE UNICORN - Grove in the Arden Forest. G. of the U. is the place where the primary plane of order can be accessed from Amber.

HEERAT - a trade center, somewhere in the Shadows.

ISLES OF THE SUN - a group of islands in the Shadow of Amber, south of the continent bearing the city.

JIDRASH - the capital of Kashfa.

KOLVIR - Mountain, foundation of Amber.

LORRAINE - Originally a shadow of Avalon, L. was strengthened by King Oberon and became an independent shadow.

REBMA - One of the primary shadows,the underwater reflection of Amber. R. allows both water and air breathing creatures to exist in the same environment.

RI'IK - A Shadow, where Prince Corwin was recruting his army for attacks on Amber. Inhabited by short hairy man-like beings.

TEXORAMI - Shadow, once favored by prince Random.

TIR-NA NOG'TH - the city of shadows, T. is a very special shadow of Amber that contains an exact copy of the Pattern. T. appears on moonlit nights above Kolvir. T. is connected to Amber by the moonlight stairwell. T. is known to interact with the visitor on some level, displaying his hidden fears and fantasies.

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