Atlantic College

What is that?

The United World College of the Atlantic is one of 9 high schools worldwide that make up the United World Colleges Movement. The first UWC was founded in 1962 in Wales, UK by Kurt Hahn a teacher and phylosopher. At that time only about 20 nations were represented.

Since 1962 the UWC movement made a huge progress now unifying colleges in UK, Italy, USA, Canada, Singapore, Venesuela, Swasiland, Hong Kong and Norway. More than 105 countries are represented, including all the European countries, as well as many African, Asian, Australian and American nations.

Facts about AC:

Info about UWC on the WWW:

The Atlantic College very own official homepage.
There is a UWC Home Page at MIT mantained by Teo Tonchev (AC 90-92). I also recommend to visit Laura Marple's UWC page.
Other locations that you can look at ("official" info): UWC PC Web site and Bruce Walkeker's page

Life in AC.

While the academics are an important part of every student's life there is an extensive and challenging activities programme. The College has official responsibility for safety of life along 15 miles of Bristol Channel coastline. There is a RNLI Inshore Life Boat and HM Coastguard stations operated by the students. The College has been credited with over 180 lives since 1962. Equally important is the social service. Students visit eldery people, work with physically and mentally handicapped children. There is also an operating Marine Environmental Unit, College Farm and Arts Centre.

As well as providing the service the student can participate in a wide range of recreational activities, ranging from sailing to music lessons.

Do I want to be there?

If you are a high school junior - YES! You will meet a lot of interesting people, see many new faces, expose yourself to many new cultures, make many new friends. Remember, the financial situation or ability to pay does not influence the admission process.
For information on the current admission policy contact:

Colin D. O. Jenkins, the Principal.
United World College of the Atlantic
St. Donat's Castle
Llantwit Major
South Glamorgan , Wales, UK.
CF61 1WF
or click here to request an application form.

E-mail (there is 1 internet connection for the school. You must put ATTN: in the subject line. ): - valid from August '95 onward.

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