Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

Why is this page so primitive ?

Well, I spend about 10 minutes a month on it. It serves it's purpose as is.

Who am I?

I do not know yet. People call me Sasha.

Facts :

Things Included:

The beginners guide can be reached from here. Includes all you need to know to start a WWW page.
The World News from CNN (Clinton's News Network?)
Also almost completed: the Amber Dictionary for Roger Zelazny fans. If you have never heard of it - Chronicles of Amber is a series of 10 novels in the genre of fantasy. A lot of swordplay and diplomacy, some mysticism and magic. You'll like it. Follow the Dictionary link to if you want more information.

A growing collection of humor:

The Solar System home page offers a lot of images of our system. Anyone fond of astronautic or astronomy would enjoy it for sure. And if you feel like running a space empire, here is the Freeport.

If you would like to travel you should visit the City Net - over 500 home pages all over the world.

Just one more way to look at the world - and take it over.

The immage on theleft is copylefted, all rights wronged. Copy at your own risk and don't complain that the spiral is curled the wrong way.

Send all flames to /dev/nul

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Parts of this page are drifting to force.stwing. If some links do not work, please mail me. There should be auto-forward files left anyway.