Class CanonicalParseTable

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public class CanonicalParseTable
extends LRParseTable

A canonical parse table implements the strongest form of LR parsing. However, this comes at a very high price. To be able to construct a parser that can follow every language constructed from the LR set we must use a huge amount of space. For example, the canonical LR parse table for java uses ~ 10,000 states. However, the equivalent LALR parse table would only use ~ 500 states. The price of LALR parsing, however, is that only a subset of the LR languages can be parsed.

Humorous fact: The initial grammars for the Fortran, C, and Java languages could not be parsed by an LALR parse table and had to have canonical parse tables to parse it.

On a serious note. With the current state of computers where space is no longer such a large consideration, it is not unadvisable to replace LALR parsers with canonical parsers. This is certainly true if the time needed to produce the table (for example inside a program which s dynamically changing its grammar) is at a premium.

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protected static class CanonicalParseTable.CPTState
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LRParseTable.Accept, LRParseTable.Action, LRParseTable.Error, LRParseTable.Reduce, LRParseTable.Shift, LRParseTable.StateAndSymbol
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Constructor Summary
protected CanonicalParseTable()
          Constructor for subclasses only
  CanonicalParseTable(ContextFreeGrammar G)
          Creates a new CLR Parse table from this CFG! Don't pass in an augmented grammar!
Method Summary
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
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Constructor Detail


protected CanonicalParseTable()
Constructor for subclasses only


public CanonicalParseTable(ContextFreeGrammar G)
                    throws ParseTableConflict
Creates a new CLR Parse table from this CFG! Don't pass in an augmented grammar!

java.lang.IllegalArgumentException - If the ContextFreeGrammar passed in is already augmented.
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public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)