Class LookAheadParseTable

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public class LookAheadParseTable
extends LRParseTable

The LALR method is often used in practise because the tables obtained by it are considerably smaller than the CanonicalParseTable, yet most common syntactic constructs of programming languages can be expressed conveniently by an LALR grammar. The same is almost true for SLR grammars, but there are a few constructs that connot be conveniently handled by SLR techniques.

For a comparison of parse size, the SLR and LALR tabes for a grammar always have the same number of states, and tis number is typically several hundred states for a language like Pascal. The CanonicalParseTable would typically have several thousand states for the same size language. Thus, it is more economical to construct SLR and LALR tables than the CanonicalParseTable.

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Nested Class Summary
Nested classes inherited from class org.metasyntactic.math.automata.LRParseTable
LRParseTable.Accept, LRParseTable.Action, LRParseTable.Error, LRParseTable.Reduce, LRParseTable.Shift, LRParseTable.StateAndSymbol
Field Summary
Fields inherited from class org.metasyntactic.math.automata.LRParseTable
actions, characterClasses, gotos, nonterminals, productionToNum, startState, states, terminals
Constructor Summary
LookAheadParseTable(ContextFreeGrammar G)
Method Summary
protected  java.util.Set getLookAhead(java.util.Set q, Production prod)
protected  java.util.Set go(java.util.Set p, java.util.List w)
static void main(java.lang.String[] args)
Methods inherited from class org.metasyntactic.math.automata.LRParseTable
accept, accept, addAccept, addAcceptListener, addError, addErrorListener, addGoto, addProduction, addReduce, addReduceListener, addShift, addShiftListener, addState, getLargeTable, newToString, removeAcceptListener, removeErrorListener, removeReduceListener, removeShiftListener, setStartState, toString
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Constructor Detail


public LookAheadParseTable(ContextFreeGrammar G)
                    throws ParseTableConflict
Method Detail


protected java.util.Set getLookAhead(java.util.Set q,
                                     Production prod)


protected java.util.Set go(java.util.Set p,
                           java.util.List w)


public static void main(java.lang.String[] args)