CROSSINGS: Contents, Vol:1, No:1, May 1996

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A. A. Koyzis & T. Durduran Editorials

Why Crossings? Who are we? What is Crossings?

Anthony A. Koyzis Cyprus at a Crossroads: The challenge of the 21st century

As these events in the global realm are unfolding, Cyprus is pondering its future. As a thoroughly globally integrated entity Cyprus has been boasting (at least the Republic of Cyprus) high levels of economic development,... Storm God by Mel Melis

Panikos Stavrou Alassia in Copperland:"The Forest"

One thing I mastered in the army was killing time, a must if you want to maintain your sanity. As I kept walking, I began cursing at the metal helmet, the machine gun and the rest of the military gear that was weighing me down. Memories From Past: A G/C man in his late 70's... Memories From Past: "Doctor" by Atai Tulunoglu

Turgut Durduran Internet, My Life & My Country

the only thing I knew about the Internet was the existence of something called electronic mail which allowed people to send and receive messages via their computers... Cyprus-l: An Independent, Uncencored , Free Forum of Communication for Cypriots

Turgut Durduran Dialogues: Encounters with the "Other Side"

Two University students who ended up being in the same university abroad. Giorgos, a Greek Cypriot engineering major, junior. Huseyin, a Turkish Cypriot political science major, freshman. ... One Should Love His Country, Nese Yasin... Replies to Nese Yasin, Neophytos Taliotis

Tumer Halil Cyprus Problem, the end of Cypriots?

Greek Cypriots "know" that Turks are their enemies, that they were kicked out of their homes and lands illegally and barbarically and still going on like that. Turkish Cypriots , on the other hand , "know" that it is the opposite, that they have suffered a lot from Greek Cypriots and are affraid of going through that again.

Ulus Irkad Greeks of North & Turks of South

Leaderships of both Turkish and Greek sides see the ethnic minorities living under their administration as potential spies. The leaderships constantly declare that they treat them really well for their propaganda purposes but in reality they keep them under tight control and investigate every single move of theirs... Ode To a Troubled Isle, D.T.Koyzis

George S. Kaloudis Cyprus: The Unresolved Conflict

Cyprus represents one of the most enduring and problematic of these ethnic disputes. Since 1960, the year Cyprus gained its independence from Great Britain, the Greek and Turkish Cypriots have been in conflict with each other, culminating in the arrival of the United Nations Peace- Keeping Force in 1964 and the Turkish invasion of Cyprus in 1974... Song of My Lover, Mehmet Yasin... A Great Day for Freedom, Pink Floyd

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United Cyprus Movement: The United Cyprus Movement is not intended to be yet another political party, or merely a means of communication between Cypriots on opposite sides of the green line. It aims instead to provide a vehicle for all Cypriots, both within and outside Cyprus, to voice openly their thoughts, ideas, wishes and opinions on the present and future of Cyprus, without the fear of personal suffering or persecution.