Bi-Communal Cypriot Journal

Building Peace in Cyprus



CROSSINGS is a new journal committed to Cypriot Bicommunal exchanges, contacts and thought. It is available in both electronic form as well as hard copy. The second issue will be released by early October/November 1996.

Individuals are invited to contribute to this Journal's publications reflecting the underlying philosophy of the Journal's intention to encourage intercultural understanding, democratic dialogue, and a genuine interest in the development of positive Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot relations. The journal is published via the submissions from interested individuals or organisations. Starting from this coming second issue there will be an open forum and letters to the editors section where comments about the first issue contents, or discussions will be published. A selection of the comments received will only be published, and the editors reserve the right to choose.


CROSSINGS second issue will address mainly the following topics, but is not limited to those. New ideas addressing the basic philosophy of CROSSINGS are always welcomed.

  • Cypriot Identity vs Turkish- Greek Cypriot Identities
  • Getting Ready for a Solution in Cyprus
  • Peace-Building in Cyprus; Grass-Roots Involvement, Organisations , Obstacles, Reasons
  • Academic Research Papers on Cyprus; Culture, Politics, Sociology, Science, Nature
  • Poetry; Cypriot, Greek, Turkish or any relevant Poetry
  • Bi-Communal Relations, Projects, Activities
  • Regular Columns; Dialogues , Alassia in Copperland, New Columnists are seeked.
  • Historical Cyprus; Extracts from Bi-Communal Life

    Individuals are invited to contribute to this Journal's publications reflecting the underlying philosophy of the Journal's intention. All who are interested could send articles via electronic mail or as standart text files on floppy discs to one of the two initial editors. Articles should contain the author's name & surname, contact information including snail mail address and e-mail (if applicable). Articles can be submitted either by e-mail as text files, or in PC or Mac floppy disks by snail mail, or as hard copies to the contact addresses given below. Articles submitted in floppy discs should be written in a standard word proccessor package, like Ms-Word, Word-Perfect, or should be in standart text file format. Please clearly indicate which machines it would work on, and the software needed when submitting. Hard-copy and e-mail submissions should indicate any special formats requested by the author. Deadlines for submissions for each issue will be announced. Non-electronic submissions might be rejected or delayed due to hardships of high quality scanning.


    Currently CROSSINGS is edited/published by two editors;

    * Turgut Durduran
      4105 Spruce Str
      Sprucewood Apts #C5
      PA 19104

    (NOTE: Turgut will be travelling for the period of mid-July to September
    so Anthony Koyzis should be used as the contact person)

    * Antony  A. Koyzis, 
      Dept. of  Edu. Foundations,                                     
      College of Edu. & Human Services                                           
      Oshkosh, WI 54901				          


    CROSSINGS will be distributed via several media - by internet and as hard copies. At this point CROSSINGS is free of charge. Complete version could be found on our internet World Wide Web homepage for on-line reading and printing. Full-formatted postscript version will be available. A text only version copy of CROSSINGS is available by private e-mail. Hard-copies are also being distributed my standard postal service. Related internet mailing lists and newsgroups will receive a summary and table of contents.

    Interested people should send their names, mailing addresses, e-mail addresses and the way they would best prefer to receive the journal to one of the editors.

    There will also be frequent announcements, call for papers etc about CROSSINGS. Interested people should indicate their interest to receive these along with their subscription request.

    Please contact the editors listed above for subscriptions.