All samples are about 1 min long and are in .au format.

Cypriot Antiphons(1390)

Cypriot Antiphons(1390)

Dolama Dolamayi 1 ( Lyrics)

Dolama Dolamayi 2 ( Lyrics )

Kasap Havasi

Vatanini Sevmeliymis Insan,Love your Country (Music: Melike Demirag) (Poem)

I don't have the names and lyrics for the following tunes:

Folk Tune 1

Folk Tune 2

Folk Tune 3

Folk Tune 4

Folk Tune 5

Folk Tune 6

Folk Tune 7

Lyric and Scores of some traditional songs

Turkish alphabet characters are indicated with capital letters

AySem TUrkUsU

Arab Ali AgIdI

Al beni beni

Bahcada Guzu

DaracIg Sokaglar


Gelin KarSIlama HavasI


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I need more music, lyrics etc. Specially Greek Cypriot samples are needed. All kinds of contributions are welcomed..Help to me to build a considerably large Cypriot music section.

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