Rest in Peace (RIP): Müjgan Hasan Hilmi, 1920-2007

Müjgan Hasan Hilmi, my grandmother ("nene"), passed away on May 7th, 2007. She had a long and eventful life. I will try to put together my thoughts as time goes by but for now, I illustrate her life with a few photos, Turgut Durduran (May 7th, 2007).

From 1920s, Older ones: Mustafa Nuri (her father), Meryem Musa Nami (her mother), left bottom: Nasperver Mustafa Nuri (sister), middle top: Nidai Musa (her uncle)Müjgan Hasan Hilmi, in her dad's arms, front right Hatice Niyazi (sister), top right , all the way back, Zehra (adopted child, relative), next to her Emine Musa (her aunt).

From 1920s, Top left Müjgan Hasan Hilmi, middle Emine (her aunt), right Mukaddes (her aunt), Front left Hatice, right Nasperver. Hatice, Nasperver , Mujgan are sisters. Mukaddes and Emine are their aunts. Birth dates: Müjgan 31/07/20, Emine 1914, Mukaddes 1919 (9 months older than Müjgan), Nasperver 1924, Hatice 1922

Wedding day, 1938

Wedding day with her neighbours and relatives, 1938

Wedding day with her husband, Hasan Hilmi ("dede"), 1938

With her husband and her children, İlksen and Şefika, 1940s

With her husband and her children, İlksen and Şefika, 1940s. At the Kyrenia Harbour.

With her granddaughter, Müjgan and her son James, 2004.

With her closest family during her grandchild Turgut's wedding; Alpay (son-in-law, first cousin), Eylem (granddaughter-in-law), Turgut (grandson), herself, Şefika (daughter), Müjgan (granddaughter), James (grand-grandson), Mark (grandson-in-law), Hasan (grandson), 2004.

With her grandchild, Turgut and his wife Eylem, 2004.

Herself in 2005.