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Note: This page tends to be outdated. One day I will put something more automated here. As you can see above, in a cartoon drawn by talented Yoo Kyung Choe, laboratory animals have not been very kind to me, so for now, just bear with me.
Currently (since February 2009), I am a junior group leader (aka assistant professor) at the Institute of Photonic Sciences ( ICFO). I run a multi-disciplinary group on Medical Optics with research interests in applications of biomedical optics in neurology, neuroscience, oncology and other fields.

I am also an adjunct assistant professor at Department of Radiology with a joint appointment in Department of Physics and Astronomy at University of Pennsylvania (UPENN). At UPENN, I work with Dr Arjun G. Yodh's group on Photon Migration and Optical Imaging. I am also a member of Center for Magnatic Resonance and Optical Imaging (CMROI) (also known as "Metabolic Magnetic Resonance Research and Computing Center" or MMRRCC)

Future of Optical Tomography

Group @ ICFO : Medical Optics/Bio Photonics| Group @ UPENN : Biomedical Imaging & Spectroscopy
Personal @ UPENN : Cyprus Page | Personal @ ICFO : Turgut Durduran

Link to my Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

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