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Wed, 07 Mar 2007

Soyer seems hungry for Cheese
I know, it is not particularly productive or important but I am going to continue poking fun at our neo-denktashites. Because I like this type of humor from others. It is midnight now and before going to bed I checked out Yeniduzen. Hellim this, halloumi that. It has been going on for a while now. But I had a good laugh when I read Soyer's comments on it. First of all, it is hilarious that he thinks he has any business commenting on whether Greek Cypriots sign military deals with France or not. Second, it becomes super-hilarious that he talks about halloumi in the same speech. Neo-Denktashite. Yes, that is what he is. Listen to this. He says "South Cyprus is using its dominant mentality to get people to call one of island's most important food product, hellim, as halloumi. And we are fighting against this based on logic, cal determination and on the basis of Europe's basis humanitarian values." WTF, is he talking about? That is not even all, "this attempt reminds us of changing of names in Bulgaria at some era. This dominant mentality in South is showing its approach that is opposite to norms of European Union".  If you did not hear it, (1) he claims Greek Cypriots are trying to *change* what halloumi is called, (2) this reminds him of Bulgaria. Excuse me, Bulgaria? What happened to names in north Cyprus that Soyer used to criticise and now happily sits on the seat as prime-minister? Do they ring any bells? How the article itself "hellim peyniri", when I grew up, that was one of the reasons we would fight or make fun of Turks, because they called it halloumi cheese rather than halloumi which for us was something other than cheese. Do these ring any bells? Remember, Denktash used to complain a lot about Bulgaria too. Hah haha. He thinks we are idiots who do not realize that the problem is that they are worried that they won't be able to continue exporting halloumi if Greek Cypriots succeed in registering as an official product of Cyprus. Because in Ferdi's mind north Cyprus is *not* part of the whole -- although, it suits him so he was talking about the RoC constitution in the very same speech! Thank God, he promised to continue the fight with president Talat. yay!

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