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Mon, 03 Sep 2007

Enjoyment of Being Marginal

Phew, I am so glad I am marginal. Atleast, Mr President, i.e. Talat, called us marginal. Afrika reported on September 3rd that in a conference at Bergama, Talat was asked whether he has ever called Turkish army the occupation army. Too bad that Afrika does not put out its full content on its web-site, but the paraphrased summary says that Talat claimed that he never called the Turkish army an occupier and that there are no Turkish Cypriots who do. Alright, now I know that I am also not a Turkish Cypriot but then he proceeded that only marginal groups say that. Ohh, he is so smart, he realized that even in Turkey there are people who say that same. But Talat, he never said so. I do not recall hearing him say that anyway, except the opposite. Anyway, according to Talat, Turkish Cypriots know very well who helped whom, and saved whom from extinction. That "peace operation" was unavoidable. The audience should not be worried because what these marginal groups say has nothing to do with reality. Hahah, they asked him whether he announced that he is fed up with being saved. Apparently, he does not remember saying that — I think he did — but eve n if he did, he meant that he does not want a solution that could lead to being saved again. And that 100% of Turkish Cypriots want Turkey as the guarantor of Cyprus.

All this talk is confusing me. First of all, it is clear that I am marginal and sounds like I should be proud of that. However, I am still unclear whether I can be considered a Turkish Cypriot or not because I am not part of the 100%. I hope in hist next speech, Mr Talat can use his expertise and clear-up all this confusion.

Funny thing, according to Afrika, during the traditional September 1st peace-day celebrations, police tried to break-up the march because Greek Cypriots were part of it. They tried to expel them. It is funny and good.

Anyway, this is one of those entries that are just random.

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