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Fri, 16 May 2008

More activities from "refuse it" group of initiatives
Last December (2007) I wrote about "The Initiative for Conscientious Objection in Cyprus" and its activities. The group has been very active since then and has received a lot of "negative" (wonderful thing!) and "positive" (another wonderful thing!) media attention in Cyprus and abroad. They have been present in all major demonstrations in Cyprus. They have just celebrated May 15th, the International Conscientious Objectors' Day with a daring demonstration and press conference in front of the main military recruitment center in northern Nicosia. I am proud to be part of this group. What I said earlier was: "The initiative is being organized under a larger umbrella titled "refuse it" (reddet, http://www.reddet.org )which includes rejection of militarism, homophobia, discrimination, racism, occupations, wars and nationalism amongst its goals." Back then, only the part about conscientious objection was active. Now, there is an extensive and creative section about homophobia too, which now has its own web-site at: http://www.homofobiyekarsiinisiyatif.org/ . They have participated in various demonstrations and are planning a bunch of events for May 17th, Global Anti-Homophobia day. They have also submitted a request to the puppet parliament to change the archaic laws that make homosexual relationships a crime. This is a very significant step in a society that is not as intolerant as other societies in the region as long as people keep their sexual orientation secret. I have hopes that these taboos may be shattered too and the individuals who have stepped out to be part of this initiative deserve our support, solidarity and participation in their activities. We need more of these. Bring it on!

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Fri, 09 May 2008

Hiroshima Photos
I just saw this on a Conscientious Blog and expected destroyed buildings, damage, may be a few bodies but these photographs are very striking. They show humans, many of them. I normally do not re-post blog entries here but could not help it. Quoting Conscientious: "The Robert L. Capp collection at the Hoover Institution Archives contains ten never-before-published photographs illustrating the immediate aftermath of the Hiroshima bombing. These photographs, taken by an unknown Japanese photographer, were found in 1945 among rolls of undeveloped film in a cave outside Hiroshima by U.S. serviceman Robert L. Capp, who was attached to the occupation forces. Unlike most photos of the Hiroshima bombing, these dramatically convey the human as well as material destruction unleashed by the atomic bomb. Mr. Capp donated them to the Hoover Archives in 1998 with the provision that they not be reproduced until 2008.". The photos are posted here. .

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Mon, 05 May 2008

Signs and Faces Of Mt Airy Day 2008
It was an overcast and unusually cold day but full of diverse, interesting, energetic, creative, dedicated .....etc..etc.. people. Decided to go "creative" (i.e. unusual) with colors. Mt Airy Day is an annual event at Mt Airy , Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It is held at the grounds of Cliveden. My photoset is at: http://www.flickr.com/photos/ulugeyik/sets/72157604882605848/

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