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Tue, 17 Jul 2007

[N]on-non-[G]overnmental [O]rganizations

I knew it very well that the acronym NGO stood for "Non-non-Governmental-Organization" (let's call it a "NnGO") in Cyprus so there is nothing suprising about the latest developments in the "This Homeland is Ours" (Bu Memleket Bizim Platformu or BMBP) platform. The platform which functioned as a united front for various trade-unions, foundations and opposition (left) political parties during last few years of Denktash's reign was always dominated by CTP and their ilk. However, it succeeded in playing a leadership role during the era of "large rallies", and produced some radical and progressive declarations and actions. I had a few words to say about it in my article This Homeland is Ours" said the masses; Turkish Cypriot Uprising of 2002-3.

Anyway, before I digress into a story of the pathetic condition of political atmosphere in north Cyprus in general, let me get to the point. While all this was happening, Denktash, Eroglu etc and company, i.e. those puppets who also proudly call themselves the "nationalist right" responded by their own versions of platforms with even larger number of organizations (organizations come a dime a dozen in north Cyprus). Ofcourse, it was totally bogus and had no support from the public. It was a perfect example of a "Non-non-Governmental-Organization" and BMBP used to complain about this. However, as CTP slowly drifted to power with support from the puppeteer, i.e. Republic of Turkey, BMBP also drifted towards becoming a NnGO itself and more radical groups, such as the New Cyprus Party did the right thing as left the BMBP (this was a notable event, and see the article I mention above for why). BMBP continued to function, albeit without much of an impact or without the old radical outbursts. This changed recently after CTP's "neo-Denktashism" became so blatantly obvious and with the new "social security reform" package hit the workers that the trade-unions represented right at home. Specially the famous teacher's unions (e.g. KTOS and KTOEOS) who were always at the fronts when it came to radical politics, organized protests against CTP and became very outspoken. They then dared to turn BMBP into a real NGO instead of a NnGO by suggesting the expulsion of CTP.

Duh, wasn't that the obvious thing to suggest? Apparently, not, because all the other puppet organizations that are attached to CTP via their umbilical cords could not stand it, and neither did CTP's hardened "communist" (hahah!) militants. They thought that it is perfectly fine for the governing party to be part of a NGO and refused the accusation of it being a NnGO. Hahah. One after another CTP's heavy weights spoke and made amusing statements claiming that trade-unions are not the important organization but rather the political parties. I am reading this on Yeniduzen, which has the motto "work is the highest value" ("emek en yuce degerdir"). The problem according to Kalyoncu, is not with the CTP (ok, let's leave out the absurd "-BG" tag which makes them sound like He-Man) but with the platform which refuses to know its own country and is not willing to accept the conditions on the ground. Hahah. Well, Mr Kalyoncu, why don't you continue playing the role of a government and leave alone this NGO and see what public says instead of making such statements? Ahmet Barcin's statement was particulary amusing because he was one of the radicals in BMBP, in the front lines before he sat on a seat in the parliament. He saying that expulsion of CTP from the platform is the biggest insult ant disrespect to the Turkish Cypriot public. Really? Few years ago Turkey's strong grip, the Turkish army, the "one who is gone and one who replaced him are both Turks" were the insults he was talking about. Now, he thinks having a governing party in an NGO is normal, the opposite is the biggest insult and disrespect.

What can I say, this "neo-Denktashism" is an amusing concept and they are doing their past to prove more radicals like myself who used to say "neener, neener, neener, these are all NnGO's, we want NGO's" right.

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