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Wed, 25 Jul 2007

Philadelphia Urban Farms Bike Tour

As my first adventure in long distance, group bicycling, me and Eylem attended Philadelphia Urban Farms Bike Tour organized by Chris Hill of Weaver's Way Co-op . I was being lazy - huh, I biked ~30 miles! - so I did not bring my camera along (mistake), but I brought my gps along - hey, do not blame me, I was afraid, I would be totally lost somewhere on the way to West Philadelphia from Mt Airy. Anyway, we made the whole way, biked some extra at the end to Market East station since we chickened out from biking home from north Philly. It was fun, it was educational, it was tiring but it was rewarding too since it was the longest we ever biked and first time in a group. I hope to do it again. And hey, urban farms, they are great things. I hope they spread and they succeed in their aims.

So, the point of this entry, I finally uploaded my gps map which is superimposed onto google maps: Bread Crumbs showing the route we took

I said I was lazy right? So I am copying from Weaver's Way homepage, here is info about the farms:

  1. The Weavers Way Co-op Farm is a one and a half acre organic (not certified) farm that supplies the well-known food cooperative with vegetables and flowers throughout the growing season. The Farm is managed by David Zelov, a Co-op staff person. The farm is located in East Mt. Airy's Awbury Arboretum, near Chew and Washington Lane. Click here for more on the farm's history.
  2. The Mill Creek Farm is a collectively run urban education farm that utilizes vacant land to improve local access to nutritious foods and to promote sustainable resource use by growing and distributing produce and by demonstrating ecological methods of living. Run with enthusiasm and creativity by co-managers Jade and Johanna, the farm sells produce on location twice a week, sells to nearby Mariposa Co-op, and has an on-site building featuring a living roof, composting toilet and straw and mud walls. Click here for more about Mill Creek Farm.
  3. Mary Seton Corboy co-founded Greensgrow Farms in 1997 with the idea of selling right off the farm produce to Philadelphia chefs from an abandoned property in Kensington, within site of Philadelphia's downtown. Today Greensgrow is a nationally recognized leader in urban farming, still selling to local restaurants (including Django, White Dog, Fork, Standard Tap, Little Fish, Rose Tattoo, and Beau Monde) but also open to the public from early spring through Thanksgiving. A small but dedicated staff runs a multifaceted operation, including a nursery, a farm market, and a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program, proving that abandoned land is only abandoned if we choose to leave it that way. Click here for more on Greensgrow Farms.
  4. Spring Gardens, at 18th & Wallace Streets, is a mature, lovingly tended community garden between Spring Garden and Fairmount on 18th Street.

(and ahem, we also visited Yard's brewery.

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Sat, 07 Jul 2007



I gave up on Pivot and moved to Blosxom . Will post local content ("Cyprus Page"), external links and comments about Cyprus. Tips and tricks and comments about LaTeX and Linux. Photography --> single blog-like and galleries. My comments about human-rights, news etc. i.e. RANDOM as always. You do not believe me? Notice a deliberate mistype in the URLs.

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Migration to Blosxom

I have mostly completed the migration of my blog to Blosxom. Pivot was giving me lots of troubles and eventhough blosxom is half-dead project, it is simple and conversion was relatively painless. Also, blosxom is more transparent to me since it is a simple perl script.

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Tue, 08 May 2007

Rest in Peace "Nene"

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Wed, 18 Oct 2006

Turkey is Trying to "Manufacture Consent"

The translators, editor and publishers of Chomsky and Herman's (excellent) book "Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media"  are under trial in Turkey under the infamous "301". The charges are "of spreading public hatred and enmity and denigrating Turkish identity, the republic and the Turkish Parliament under Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code (TCK). The defendants are facing up to six years in prison apiece." (from http://www.thenewanatolian.com/tna-16678.html) . Absurd? Well, yeah, but quite the norm in Turkey that is supposed to be reforming itself to be in line with EU norms. Hah hah. BTW, the book was originally published in 1988! And it is now, as if Turkish government decided to proove their point. I wonder if one could even think about showing the brilliantly crafted movie with a similar title? For whatever it is worth it, I think every activist interested in freedoms should watch this movie. 

Curious? Try http://www.thirdworldtraveler.com/Herman%20/Manufacturing_Consent.html  for some excerpts from the book.

And few words I had to say about it in the past:




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