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Posted by Sevgul Uludag on Monday September 25, @02:12PM on peace-cyprus.org

41 NGOs, among them political parties Republican Turkish Party and Patriotic Unity Movement, trade unions and women NGOs, completed their petition campaign "This Country Belongs to Us", collecting more than 17 thousand 890 signatures, demanding a lasting solution to the Cyprus conflict.

41 NGOs, among them political parties Republican Turkish Party and Patriotic Unity Movement, trade unions and women NGOs, completed their petition campaign "This Country Belongs to Us", collecting more than 17 thousand 890 signatures. Thousands of Turkish Cypriots who signed the petition are demanding, among other things, that the "Negotiations should continue without any preconditions, a lasting settlement must be found to the conflict, a negotiation process must be opened with the EU". The petition's main emphasis was on "Turkish Cypriots ruling themselves", saying "NO" to outside interventions.

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Turkish Cypriot Organisations Launch a Signature Campaign

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Turkish Cypriot political parties, unions and NGOs launched a signature campaign for a democratic and peaceful Cyprus.

The following press summary from PIO, list of demands and list of participating organisations describe the campaign.

Signatures can also be submitted online at http://www.yenicag-net.com/imza.htm

The following demands were made:

  • Bu memleket bizim. /This homeland is ours.
  • Kendi lkendimizi yönetmeliyiz. /We should self-govern.
  • Dayatma ve müdahalelere hayir. /No to impositions and interventions!
  • Ekonomik yikim paketine hayir. /No to Economical Destruction Package
  • Anayasa’nin geçici 10.cu maddesi kaldirilmalidir. /Constitution's temporary 10th clause should be lifted.
  • Sivillesmeye evet. /Yes to civilian rule
  • Polis Içisleri Bakanligi’na baglanmalidir. /Police-force should be under the authority of Interior Ministry.
  • Bankazedelerin magduriyetleri giderilmelidir. /Problems of the banking scandal should be solved.
  • Ekonomimizi biz planlamaliyiz, biz yapilandirmaliyiz ve yönetmeliyiz. /We should plan, structure and govern our economy
  • Kibris sorunundaki görüsmeler önkosulsuz devam etmelidir. /Talks on Cyprus problem should continue without pre-conditions.
  • Kibris sorununa kalici çözüm gerçeklesmeli, AB ile görüsme süreci açilmalidir. /A Pernament solution to the Cyprus problem should be found and the EU accession talks should continue.
  • Mutlulugumuz baris ve demokrasidedir. /Our happiness is in peace and democracy. The following organisations endorsed the campaign:
    CTP, YBH, KTÖS, KTOEÖS, DEV-IS, DEVRIMCI GENEL IS, EMEK IS, BES, TÜRK-SEN, KTAMS, KTMMOB, EL-SEN, TEL-SEN, BASIN-SEN, BEL-SEN, TIP-IS, YÖN-SEN, KOOP-SEN, GÜÇ-SEN, DAÜ-SEN, PEY-SEN, Magusa Türk Genel-Is Sendikasi, K.T.Esnaf ve Zanaatkarlar Odasi, K.T.Hayvan Üreticileri Birligi, YKB, Kibris Türk Sanatçi ve Yazarlari Birligi, Haklar ve Özgürlükler Dernegi, Girne Halk Sanatlari Dernegi, Kibris’ta Sosyalist Gerçek, Ekim Kültür ve Sanat Dernegi, Kibris Sanat Dernegi, Baris Dernegi, Baris ve Demokrasi Insiyatifi, KIB-YAY, Naci Talat Vakfi, Kutlu Adali Vakfi, Baris ve Federal Çözüm için Kadin Hareketi, Kadin Arastirmalari Merkezi, Kibrislilar Bilim, Egitim, Saglik ve Dayanisma Dernegi (KIBES)

    Following is the PIO press summary report.

    [03] Turkish Cypriot organizations launch ``This country is ours'' signature campaign

    A report by YENIDUZEN (1.8.00) says that a total of 39 organizations, including the Republican Turkish Party (CTP) and the Patriotic Union Movement (YBH), held a joint news conference on the problems facing the pseudostate and noted that they can be surmounted through a lasting solution.

    A signature campaign was also launched at the news conference held at the ``Turkish Cypriot Public Sector employees Union'' headquarters. Speaking on behalf of all the organizations, Ahmet Barcin, leader of the Turkish Cypriot Secondary School Teachers Union, accused all the ``governments'' with incompetence. He charged that a very severe economic breakdown as well as a very low morale are being experienced because of the nonsolution of the Cyprus problem . Noting that the economy was in order in the aftermath of 1974 and that factories, the citrus sector, and other small industrial installations were productive, Barcin said that wrong decisions created a consumerist society. Referring to the socio-economic package, Barcin recalled the actions being staged by the people against the package, adding that these led to further problems. He continued: ``We will continue our legitimate and justified democratic struggle for democracy, a solution, and our economic and political future with a demand for self-government''.

    Noting that they are following the stand Turkish Prime Minister Bulent Ecevit adopted in support of Rauf Denktash, Barcin condemned it, adding that the problems of the Turkish Cypriots are not related to a presidential regime. He said that they are determined to safeguard the parliamentary regime. Barcin further announced the launching of a signature campaign under the headline `This country is ours´ which includes demands such as placing of the ``police force'' under the ``civilian authority'' and self- government for the Turkish Cypriots on all political and economic decisions. Calling on the entire population to participate in the campaign, Barcin said that those people who wish to participate in the signature campaign to begin throughout the pseudostate can sign the petition in various stands to be established in certain regions and at the headquarters of some 30 organizations.