New Cyprus Party (Yeni Kibris Partisi)

Patriotic Unity Movement (Yurtserver Birlik Hareketi) is the new name of the party.
Yenicag-Newspaper of the Party
NCP-ADISOK Declaration #1
NCP-ADISOK Declaration #2
NCP-ADISOK Declaration #3

* Name: New Cyprus Party

* Adress: 28 Sht. Ramadan St. Nicosia, Cyprus

* Phone/Fax: 22 74917-2271476 (Fax)


* Leader: Alpay Durduran (

*History of the party (Please be brief): 30.10.1989 is the datw of birth. At 1990 run for presidential and parliamentary elections. At 1993 run for parliament and at 1995 run for presidential elections.

* Political Affinity (e.g left/right/or else): Left

Please use either standardised names (e.g bi-zonal federation) with brief elaboration on details or give detailed description. If neccessary use additional sheet (s) of paper.

* What kind of solution to the Cyprus Problem do you support/propose?

Cyprus problem can only be solved by Cyrpiot communities and Greece and Turkey. They proved that a bi-communual and bi-zonal federal solution is possible and appoved many UN sporsored documents. For this reason NCP party supports such a solution believing that a federal state will facilitate cooperation of Cypriots and help solution of the problem.

* What kind of solution to the Cyprus Problem do you expect to take place?

After an agreement Cypriots will start to enjoy the benefit of cooperation and creat joint ventures and bi-communal institutions. There shall not be a zero sum solution, no party will loose, both of them will gain. There fore they will solve the Cyprus problem. EU membership will contribute.

* Views about the problem of non-Cypriot settlers.

Non-Cypriot settlers created a problem for today. The suffering party is Turkish Cypriots. After an agreement the problem will be a humanitarian problem. Federal government would face a non-Cypriot population like many European countries and with the same instruments underhand. In an agreement Turkish side has no right to raise it as a problem and to ask their citizenship to be accepted. We don't think it will be right to put it as a precondition their withdrawal, too.

* Views about the problem of movement, ownership and settlement.

All of the fundamental rights and freedoms must prevale. Any restriction whích will be inven- ted for the good of a party will serve contrary. Turkish side sometimes wanted to put some restriction the right of movement, settlement and ownership but it would not be healthy. The problem is to create a Turkísh zone that all parties agreed on. After the creation of the Turkish zone (reagion) the citizen of the republic must be equal. Suppose there will be restriction on settlement or establishment. A purified ethnic region will be more chauvinist and members of such society will hesitate to cooperate with the members of the other society. Very few of them will aceept to works as an agent of a capitalist of the other community and a dass of parasites will be created. All reasons behind the restrictions are, current in a federal state. Communrties must face them an overcome.

* Views about the problem of missing persons.

None of the missing persons fate could be left without proper investigations. We have to show that human life is indispensable in order to assure everybody that it will not be repeated. The problem of missing prersons is not a problem of one community but a problem of all.

* Views about the problem of extremists of any kind in both communities, and how to tack- le the possible problems that might arise Trom them in case of a solution.

In many contries there are problems of extremists. They can endanger the public life when the community assert itself to a common cause. Since the communities abondoned their cau- ses (Enosis and Taksim) the activities of extreminsts will reduced to isolated crimes. The critical mnoment is the early days of implementation of the agreement. At that criticai stage there will be a need of pubiic awareness which will be created by anti-scheavunists Turks must defend greeks against a Turkish attacker and vice versa.

* Views about the security concerns of both communities. What kind of a legal system, po- lice force, guarantees etc would / should be used to tackle this problem? Also, include emotional concerns.

Cyprus wiil be under the protection of Greece, Turkey, USA and EU therefore will not need a security consern. That's why demilitarisation of the Republic envisaged. But, unfortunately Turkish community reveals a need of a protective military force. A task farce not more than necessary to satisfy this need and less than threat the other one may be accep- table. NCP repects the feeling of Cypriots but rejects the insulting allegations that they cannot live pe- acefully without military contingents and guarantees. Best guarantees are cooperation and free coilaboration of Cypriots.

* What kind of system do you propose/support as the military system of the island in case of a solution and also for the preaent situation? Please specifically give the views regarding foreign armies and the Cypriot army itself, plus the type of military service in future.

Cyprus does not need any army. After accesion of EU Cyprus will be in the joint defence and foreign policy of EU.

* How do you view the ethnical construction of island? Please specifically mention the vi- ews about a possible Cypriot culture, and ethnical identities (e. g Turkish and Greek com- munities vs T/C and G/C communities).

Cypriots shared 7000 years of the, past sivilisation of Cyprus. It does not matter what one call himself. The matter is whether one consious that Cyprus is the homeland of Cypriots . During 7000 years they identified themselves as Cypriotes and only 150 years they named themselves as Greeks or Turks after the incursion of the nationalisim from West. In the EU, Cyprus will be a European country.

* What could/should be done to tackle the issue of emigrants to foreign countries?

Emigrants problem is a present day's problem that threatening the very exsistance of the Turkish Cypriot community. Without solving the Cyprus problem tackling the issue se- ems impossible. That's why we call solution of the Cyprus problem urgent.

* Views of the party regarding the present and future economy of Cyprus (of both communities), including the economic structure of Cyprus in case of a solution. Ple- ase state what kind of a solution you are refering to in the answer.

A united economy compatible with the EU is imminent and necessary. Cypriots after a fe- deral solution will have the right and obligation to join in the efforts of political movements of EU. All politicai movements will find their counter parts to cooperate without ignoring their coun- ter parts in the other communrty.

* Views of the party regarding the issue of the accesion of Cyprus (or part of it etc) to the European Union, including what kind of accesion it would ideally and possibly be. (E.g before a solution as two communities under the name of Cyprus Republic)

Cyprus is a European country and part of its history. Naturally Cyprus would want to jo- in to EC (EU) and she had opplied for in 1973, in 1986 by both communities ( ie Turkish and Greek Communities). Any problem (including International Cyprus problem) infront of the accession to Cyprus must be removed. If the Cyprus problem will not create a serious problem, Cyprus will be able to join even before a settlement. We think membership of Cyprus in EU will help to solve the Cyprus problem.

* Does the party support bi-communal activities such as youth get togethers, and if so what kind of activites would it suggest for future, and what kind of activities did it so far participate/ organise. If not, please explain why.

Bi-communal activities are very necessary and important. At the beginning they look in- significant but in time it gain importance. That's why eventually administation intervenes and by ágent provocators restrict their developements. All professional organisations and others should have opportunity to meet their counter- parts. But it should not restricted to certain organisations and meeting among counter- parts. All and everybody has the right to travel and telecommunication. It's basic human right. At the same time help solution of international problems.

* General aims/policies/activities of the party. (Possibly extracts or a summary of the party program not stated so far)

NCP is a modern, Ieftwing, democratic, anticheavinist, secular, believingsubrimacy of law, antimilitarist party. NCP supports the UN sponsored solution of Cyprus problem NCP believes that Cyprus must be bi-communal state. Multicultural, multilingual and multreligious society of Cyprus, in the history made Cyprus an eample to the other countries therefore NCP believes its continuation.

* Suggestions for the Cypriot community on internet.

Internet is a free contact set of lines. All parties and institutions and individuals who has an interest in politics should use as an opportunity. Anybody who get into contact with the member of the other side will benefit and enrich his (her) knowledge and surely will find out that there are facts unknown by one side but very much popular for the other side.

* Suggestions for the Cyprus WWW page.

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