These are the moving facts that Yunus tells,
Where his blend of butter and honey jells.
Not salt, but jewelry is what he sells ---
These goods he hands out to the populance.

Our short journey through Yunus' life and works is over. I hope that you have gained from this journey and you will come back again to refresh your memories.

I would like to conclude with a poem from a book of poetry dedicated to Yunus Emre; perhaps he will hear the voice of the poet, Yahya Akengin, and come over to visit us:

Gel GOr Bizi Yunus Emre

Dar KalIplar iCinde dar boGazlara saptIk
Beynimizi kemiren bir CaGdayIk artIk
Kur$una dizildi gOnlUmUz insanlIk adIna
Kurtulu$ arayIp maddeye taptIk,
UygarlIk adIna

Bizden iCre bizi unuttukCa
Duyu$larImIza aGu katan dU$Unceler,
Gel gOr bizi ta$ eyledi

YayIlsa biryol nefesin
KOrelmi$ gOnUl-gOzlerine ilaC olurdu
Bir yol bulup girse iCimize sesin
Insan olma kIvancI,
Ba$ImIza tac olurdu

Ruhsuz ellerde Canlar acI acI
Hep ilim adIna CaldI
Gel gOr bizi bo$ eyledi

CIksam doruklara sorsam
Hangi ufuklardan gOrdU Yunus Emre'm
YeryUzU cennetinde TUba DallarInI.
Karde$lik mu$tularIyle her gUne girsem
Pusu diye dU$Unmesem her yarInI

$imdi dostluk, OzgUrlUk
InsanlIk adIna robotlar bOlUk bOlUk
Gel gOr, gOnlUmUzU kI$ eyledi.

Come and See What Has Happened to Us Yunus Emre

We have turned to narrow straits in narrow thinking;
In this age we eat our brains.
Our passion is executed by firing squads
And we worship material as a savior
In the name of civilization.

As we have begun to forget our innerselves,
The thoughts that color our feelings
Turned us into stones;
Come and see what has happened!

If your 'nefes' spread to our world,
It would heal the blinded eye of passion.
If your voice found a way to enter us,
Our gratitude for being human
Would be a crown upon our heads.

In inanimate souls the bells cry
For the name of science.
It emptied us.
Come and see what has happened!

What if I climbed the summits;
To ask which horizons showed Yunus Emre
The branches of the trees of Paradise on the Paradise of Earth?
What if I enter every day with news of friendship?
What if I would not think every day as a new trap?

Now friendship, independence.
For the sake of humanity, groups of robots
Turned our passion into winter.
Come and see what has happened!
" (translation by the author)


Written by Turgut Durduran ,
All Rights Reserved. Please refer to Bibliography section for sources used here.
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