Lothians Equal Access Program for Schools

As part of the Lothians Equal Access Program for Schools (LEAPS), I helped to deliver a series of classes on elementary calculus in June and July 2011. I gave a lecture on the chain rule and prepared a short matching game to encourage the students to work in small groups. A PDF file for the matching game cards can be found to the left, along with a TEX file for producing the PDF. If you find this matching game useful, please let me know.

Science Communication

In the spring of 2010, I attended the Research Communication in Action course at the University of Edinburgh and learned how to better communicate my research to a nonspecialist audience. As part of the course I attempted to convey the enthusiasm I feel toward my research to some local students. I worked as part of a team to deliver an interactive workshop of mathematical puzzles and games to an audience of grade school students. For a high school audience attending the University of Edinburgh's Higher's Revision Session, I developed and presented a talk entitled "Mario's Random Walk" which takes a look at the simple random walk in 1 dimension. The talk introduced this fundamental probabilistic object and answered some of the typical questions one might have concerning a 1 dimensional random walk.

Files for "Mario's Random Walk" can be found here. The PPT (Power Point) file, created with Power Point for Mac, is bundled in an archive with all of the associated animations and sound effects (which I feel are quite essential to the presentation). I have also uploaded a PDF of the presentation that does not have any special effects. Please let me know what you think!