About Me

Hi, my name is Evelyn "Fifi" Yeung. I am a junior studying Computer Science at the University of Pennsylvania. I am also pursuing a minor in Mechanical Engineering, and a Masters in Robotics.

I am a TA for CIS 160 (Mathematical Foundations of CS), a research assistant in KodLab , a robotics lab specializing in legged robots, and an active member of the Science and Technology Wing.
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>>University of Pennsylvania

BSE Candidate, Computer Science 2016

MSE Candidate, Robotics 2016

Select Courses

CIS 380:
Operating Systems
CIS 542:
Embedded Systems Programming
CIS 371:
Computer Organization and Design
CIS 240:
Introduction to Computer Systems
CIS 121:
Data Structures and Algorithms
CIS 191:
Linux/UNIX skills
CIS 197:
MEAM 210:
Statics and Strength of Materials
MEAM 211:
MEAM 245:
Introduction to Flight


Extra Curriculars

CIS 160 TA
Mathematical Foundations of CS;
Weekly Recitations and Grading
Science and Technology Wing
CIS 121 TA
Data Structures and Algorithms;
Weekly Recitations and Grading
KodLab Research Assistant
Kings Court English House Manager
2013-2014 Special Events


Trackhack: built at HackMIT 2014. In progress. Multi Source playlist, allows you to paste urls from Spotify, Youtube, and Soundcloud, so you can keep it all in one place. Will integrate Facebook and have social access.
Stack Overview: Mongo database, database api built with Flask (pymongo), Pure javascript on top. Investigating using other frameworks.
Won the MongoDB prize.

Openn: built at PennApps f2014. Released, in active development. Consists of Chrome extension + webapp. Extension makes it easy to scrape grades from Penn Registrar and send to our database. Once grades are sent in, you can view grade distributions for professors and classes.
features we hope to build: performance predictions based on student profiles (all students are anonymous), smart duplication detection (we assume it is highly unlikely that students will take the exact same classes, and have the same performance in them. We hope to reduce the amount of students that enter their data twice under the same username)

PennCoursePlus: Built at PennApps s2014. Released, about 300 users (and growing). Chrome extension that puts PennCourseReview data into PennInTouch. (see screenshot) Received great reviews from other students.

Togethr.io Built at PennApps f2013. Really just a learning project. Lightweight communication tool with persistence. Think Omegle meets Google Docs. Currently a playgrand for different apis and file sharing. Stack overview: Flask backend, Mongo database, Tokbox api (not in the current released version, but in the original demo), pure javascript on top.