A much-needed update and general building-out of this site will take place in the coming days and weeks ahead! Seeing Alan live for the first time this past Saturday Night in Atlantic City on the Walk Down Abbey Road Tour, plus a chance meeting with the man himself afterwards (!!!!) has prompted this long-overdue initiative. The full story and lots of other good stuff will be posted soon. Stay tuned....

      - Franky D, 6/14/2004.

... but soon enough. I've been sidetracked by a bunch of personal issues lately - the house and work have been doing a number on my calendar, and with the arrival of September comes classes and football, so it only gets more fun! I haven't forgotten this however, and further development will be forthcoming. The new site will include details of the chance meeting with Mr. Parsons himself, as well as reviews of AVP, which I was fortunate enough to find in a store right on 8/24. I will say this much without any further delay however - Return To Tunguska rocks my world!! Be back soon... (I promise!)

      - Franky D, 9/7/2004.

"And so, with no warning, no last goodbye
In the dawn of the morning sky
The Eagle Will Rise Again"

Welcome to the PROJECT, a dedication to my favorite band. I guess my interest in the group started while I was late into my high school career, 1992 or thereabouts. It was at this time when I first heard "Don't Answer Me" being played on some of those local "Hits of the '80s and '90s" radio stations in my area. I liked the song, and I recognized by "the awesome voice of that lead-singer, whoever he is" that it was by the same group who produced "Eye in the Sky", which I can still picture myself singing along to in my mind as a fourth-grader. It wouldn't be long before I'd know the name of the man behind the voice, one Mr. Eric Woolfson, and the name of the band behind the great music was The Alan Parsons Project.

I remember being irritated upon finding out that the two songs were on different albums. Being only a high-schooler and not having much cash on hand, I really didn't want to burn the money for two albums that probably each had only one damn song on it that I liked. After all, I hadn't heard any other songs by them, these guys were probably just two-hit wonders, right? Obviously, I had a lot to learn.

I reluctantly took home both albums, Eye in the Sky, and Ammonia Avenue, making sure to cut costs by buying the former on tape rather than CD. I remember for a few days or so only playing the two songs I knew, before one day when I was feeling really tired, so I didn't bother to get up and stop the tape on Side 1 after "Eye in the Sky" was finished. This was when I was introduced to "Children of the Moon", the dreamy "Gemini", and the superb "Silence and I". It was so good I flipped the tape over and picked up some more goodies; "Mammagamma" and "Old and Wise" being the best. I then gave the rest of the Ammonia Avenue CD (i.e., not just Track #5 =)) a shot, only to end up hard-pressed to name a song i DIDN'T like!

I went back to that same store and discovered that the Alan Parsons Project was definitely not just a two-hit wonder band. Next up were some of their earlier albums. Tales of Mystery and Imagination, their first album (the '87 remix), blew my mind with "The Raven", "The Tell-Tale Heart", and "To One in Paradise". Pyramid's spiritual "The Eagle Will Rise Again", and animated instrumental "Hyper-Gamma-Spaces" were fantastic. When I went away to college in 1993, I discovered The Instrumental Works, a collection of some of their best instrumentals. It was the only thing I played on my CD player for weeks, which annoyed the hell out of many of my freshman floormates back in good ol' King's Court =). It was also that year (well, my Freshman year, Spring of 1994) when I discovered that Alan Parsons had become a three-decade band, having recently come out with Try Anything Once. I bought it immediately, and to this day I still think it is one of the best of his albums.

Today I own a copy of all his albums (well, at least I THINK I've got 'em all). About a month ago I picked up On Air, which was just another amazing album in a series of amazing albums. This site will continue to be developed in the coming weeks whenever I can grab a spare moment or two, and lets hope that Alan Parsons himself will continue to produce more as well!

In the meantime, check out this Parsons link, which I have found to be an incredible resource for Project fans hungry for goodies.

Also, I'd LOVE to hear your memories, opinions and thoughts about The Project. I've shared mine, now how did YOU stumble upon these guys, eh? LET ME KNOW!!

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