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Apply engineering skills along with business savvy to design, develop, and maintain socially and economically meaningful technology.


University of Pennsylvania
The Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology
School of Engineering & Applied Science: Bachelor of Applied Science in Computer Science, May 2003 The Wharton School: Bachelor of Science in Economics (Finance Concentration), May 2003
GPA: 3.5/4.0


Gninja Gnome Apartments - Apartment rental system implemented in JSP with Access DB/Java backend. Includes search capabilities and online application handling.
Composition 10 - 3D animated world based on the art of Piet Mondrian, focus on user interaction and exploration, implemented in Director 8.5X, 3dsmax, and LINGO.
Instant Messenger - Client and server portions of an instant messaging application, implemented in C/C++ using Visual Studio and Microsoft Foundation Classes.
Banking System - System for secure transactions between a Bank Server and multiple ATM clients, including authorization and authentication mechanisms, implemented in Java.
Course Clearinghouse - Automated system for school course registration that matches student add/drop requests, implemented in Java.


Computer Science - Databases, Modern Operating Systems, Virtual World Design, Networks & Network Security, Computational Theory, Algorithms, Compilers, Business Computer Applications.
Finance - Multinational Corporate, Funding Investments, Venture Capital & Private Equity, Advanced Corporate Finance.


Plymouth Financial / Xspand, Inc.
Information Technology Department, Morristown, NJ
IT Project Manager, 7/2/2003 ~ current
  • Identify and prioritize tasks, allocate resources, and ensure timely delivery for all projects in IT department.
  • Create and document technical specifications and operational procedures for corporate software development.
  • Oversee data communication and integration from clients to internal systems.

Microsoft Corporation
Windows Sustained Engineering, Redmond, WA
Program Manager Intern, 5/21/2002 ~ 8/9/2002
  • Streamlined and regulated internal product process by revising approval procedures, defining technical requirements, and improving tracking mechanisms.
  • Documented process through technical specifications and customer feedback.

Center for Human Modeling and Simulation
University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA
Simulation Programmer, 6/1/2001 ~ 9/1/2001
  • Developed graphical Java simulation, implementing cognitive decision-making models for Terrorist and Crowd behaviors with emphasis on game theory & Machiavellian strategy.
  • Integrated simulation module with the Department of Defense's multi-platform military training software.

Linneman Associates
Philadelphia, PA
Layout Editor, Tech Support, 4/1/2001 ~ present
  • Layout and formatting of The Linneman Letter, a quarterly Real Estate publication with a $12,000 yearly subscription.
  • Design, layout, and technical support for website, e-mail and application troubleshooting.

School of Arts and Sciences External Affairs Office
Philadelphia, PA
Web / Graphical Designer, 10/1/2000 ~ 9/1/2002
  • Web design: layout, graphics, scripting.
  • Graphic design and layout for flyers, advertisements, pamphlets, newsletters, and various publications.


Special Interests - Corporate Ethics, Human Rights & Globalization, Managing Technology & Innovation, Creative and Technical Writing, Game Theory, Fine Arts, Politics.
The Science and Technology Wing (in college) - Co-Director of STWing Undergraduate Research, Bylaws Revision Committee, Summer Freshmen Orientation Committee, STWing Blimp Team Business Director.
First Call: The Wharton Undergraduate Commentary (in college) - Weekly Columnist.