What You Say?!?

February 27, 2005 1:53 pm

Went to Maggiano's last night in Philly for a delicious all-you-can-eat Italian meal. Also explored Reading Terminal and was sorely tempted by fresh spices and fish. Sometimes I really miss being closer to a major city. I'm not cut out for living in one, but there's a vibrant pulse, a sense of adventure and mystery that I need to feel every now and then, to make sure I'm still alive. In the suburbs, it's so easy to simply wither away. It's a great place to raise children, but it's extremely unfulfilling for a young woman recently out of college.

Oh, we also witnessed a bit of a scuffle outside the Barnes & Noble on Walnut. There was swearing and punching and a bloody mouth but nothing too serious. Luckily a cop came out of nowhere (I guess they prowl the streets of Philly at random) and broke the fight up. Later, in the bookstore, I overheard the officer giving his report, and turns out the fight started for one of the stupidest reasons I've ever heard. One of the men, a younger looking Asian, had been walking down the street with his girlfriend. His girlfriend mentioned that he should button his coat, as it was chilly outside. Upon hearing her, the other participant, who looked to be of Caribbean descent, made some snide remark about the Asian guy being whipped. And apparently the Asian guy just blew up, throwing off his coat and assaulting the other man.

When I heard this, I thought, what a load of utter crap. This isn't middle school, this is real life and you are two grown men. How low in confidence are you that the comments of a random guy off the street influences you to violence? Do you really care what he thinks? You're never going to see him again. Be happy you have a girlfriend who cares about your health and leave well enough alone. And seriously, have you nothing better to do than make aggravating remarks towards total strangers walking down the street? Keep your thoughts to yourself if they're not constructive and let the woman take care of her man. Of all the things to break into fists and earn a citation over, this is simply not worth it. People can be such idiots sometimes.

February 24, 2005 8:40 am

Because he's starting long shifts at the pilot plant again and it's weird coming home to an empty apt, the first two thoughts in my head today are about Vic:

He got me my favorite tequila, a beautiful bottle of Jose Cuervo Tradicional. Now, this isn't your regular Margarita tequila - I wouldn't dream of taking a shot of anything below this bar of quality, nor would I ever spoil its taste by mixing it with anything but a lime and salt. To me, the Tradicional is like Godiva chocolate: a fine treat to be enjoyed in small, appreciative doses, for savoring and rewarding oneself in a most delicious manner. I've been hunting for a bottle of my own ever since Will Black introduced me to this particular delicacy, and it's been extremely difficult to find (only a limited quantity distributed each year). The fact that Vic keeps an eye out for it, then buys me one without my asking, only serves to show how lucky I am. After 6 years together, he's still such a sweetheart.

He also started to DM a D&D game that a bunch of us try to fit into our busy schedules. He's not always handy with the rules, and he needs to improve clarity of storytelling and setting, but overall he's doing a good job. It's turning out to be lots of fun, which is really what matters. We threw him for a loop last session, exploring an abandoned tower out of order and capturing a hostage for questioning he wasn't prepared for. He covered quite well, though "Ravenclaw" is about as generic fantasy bad-guy name you can get. I always thought he was a solid player, and I think he's going to be an equally solid DM. He even worked a +1 Gnomish Hook-Hammer into the plot without making it look forced. The only problem is, he has this unhealthy obsession with Owl Bears (listen check...16...you hear a distant hooting noise in the woods nearby...oh, no, you didn't...!)

For those of you not familiar with the Monster Manual, the Owl Bear is a silly creature:

February 19, 2005 12:07 pm

One of the most influential people in my life was my 5th grade art teacher. But it actually wasn't in 5th grade that he effected me. During high school, I often went to the elementary school to volunteer. That's when I befriended my old art teacher. We'd talk about art, I'd show him drawings, and he'd recommend techniques and artists. One day, I think in 10th grade, he got all excited about a hot new artist (well, not really "new" but the first collections had just been published) named Luis Royo. Somehow knowing Royo was perfect for me, my art teacher loaned me three books that had just come out: Secrets, Women, and Malefic.

Needless to say, I was addicted. I studied those three books for weeks before returning them. I drew page after page trying to capture that look, substituting my own characters, monsters, and stories. After filling my head with Tolkien and Dragonlance; Dune and Foundation; Batman and Akira; Neuromancer and Snow Crash, the type of art that Royo represented bridged my love of art to my love of literature. Here were the worlds and themes of fantasy, science fiction, and cyberpunk mixed with the exaggerated human figures of comic books and anime; here was fiction brought to life; here was art that imitated imagination. Thanks to Royo, I did much research and discovered the classic Frank Frazetta, the wonderful Michael Whelan, the prolific Boris Vallejo and a plethora of other similarly styled art that forever bears its stamp on my own work. Take a look at any of my drawings, and you'll see the heavy hand of these artists in everything I do.

It just goes to show that teachers sometimes do their best outside of the classroom.

February 10, 2005 9:20 am

The utter insanity at work continues. I can't even begin to descibe how fucking busy we are.

But while I'm waiting for this query to finish, I do want to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! I know I'm a day late, but this whole week is cause for celebration anyways. It's the year of the Rooster (or Cock, as I like to say), which is my animal. That means this year, my actions carry more weight, so my potential for greatness is increased but so are the consequences. I turn 24 this month, which doesn't sound like much, but it seems ancient to me. There are so many things I want to do, so much of life I still want to experience. But first, I need to get some work done!

February 4, 2005 6:20 pm


I just had to get that out. It's been an insane week. I will post something more coherent tomorrow, but for now, I need to navigate the commute from hell, have dinner, engage in vigorous weekend sex, then collapse in joyful exhaustion.

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