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Hello there!

   Hi! I'm Benjamin Tang Kin Chong, and I'm currently a Electrical Engineering freshman living on STWING (Science and Technology Wing) in King's Court on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania! I'm now the Beeker, i.e the mad scientist in charge of The STWING Electronics Lab and making cool project that aid in our quest for world domination and control.

I also draw in my sparetime (which isn't much), and e-mail alot (I'm hooked!).

I live in harmony here with fellow nutcases and furries ( least one furry...)
Visit my Lupine Neighbour Crash

The knife wielding, quake-loving devil I live with also has a homepage! And he is eternally grateful for the 3 LEDs I got for his Halloween costume and he has reserved a less smokey and brimstoney spot for me in case I should visit his Abode! How nice! :)

As for my astro friends back home I haven't forgoten! The 1AU Club homepage was inaugurated on the 26th February 1998, so do drop by our Club homepage! CLick on the 1AU banner above! Also visit my junkpile for a list of all the stuff I managed to read so far, and if you like any of the stuff there or want to know my comments on a particular slab of cellulose,
E-mail me!!! 

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